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Rest, Reflect and Reengage with Life at 12 Keys Rehab

Nestled in a serene, lush property located on 10 waterfront subtropical acres, 12 Keys Rehab provides personalized rehabilitation services to clients seeking to break an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Explore 12 Keys and discover why we are one of the premier private rehab centers in the nation.

Recover in Privacy

Unlike hospital-style rehab centers that confine patients in uncomfortable settings, our private drug rehab center provides a host of premier amenities to our clients so they may rest, reflect and reengage with life in a soothing, relaxed environment. The 12 Keys drug rehab center includes private and semi private rooms featuring comfortable and private bathrooms. We also offer cottages for clients seeking the ultimate in privacy and comfort as they recover from the grip of alcohol and/or drug addiction.

Our private alcohol rehab center also provides private and semi private rooms and private bathrooms to our clients. At 12 Keys Rehab, our focus is to help our recovering family members heal in a safe, supportive and well-appointed environment. We understand that our clients need personalized attention and unquestioned support, but we also know that they deserve privacy as they recover from what is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face.

We Understand. We Were There Once Ourselves.

The staff and owners of the 12 Keys Rehab have all experienced the vise-like grip of alcohol, and/or illegal or prescription drug abuse. The counselors and specialists at 12 Keys Rehab are uniquely positioned to help you or a loved one recover from alcohol and/or drug abuse in a compassionate and empathetic way. Because we accept only about 30 clients at a time we can offer more one-to-one counseling than any other private rehabilitation facility in the nation.

We also offer group therapy as well as client-led therapy. And while many recovering substance abusers find these activities difficult, our small numbers, empathetic and compassionate staff and private location make our clients feel more at ease. At 12 Keys, we treat our clients as family members and we provide them with the utmost in support and compassion.

Real People, Real Recoveries

The 12 Keys Rehab approach to recovering from substance abuse addiction focuses on the principle of real recovery. We understand that our clients desire privacy and comfort as they wean themselves off the dangerous effects of alcohol and/or drugs. We also understand our clients wish to be treated as adults, and that is why our clients have access to cell phones and laptop computers as well as their own private and semi private rooms.

Explore 12 Keys Rehab and discover how our real alcohol and drug recovery approach gives our clients the tools and resources they need to manage the everyday challenges life often presents.

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