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Alcohol Detox for Professionals at 12 Keys Rehab

The 12 Keys Rehab is one of the premier alcohol detox facilities in the nation. Explore 12 Keys and discover how we help our clients recover from the dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal, reflect on the events that caused the addiction and reengage with once-loved people, work and activities.

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Medically Managed Alcohol Detox Rehab

The earliest days of alcohol and drug recovery are among the most dangerous and challenging for both clients and our staff. Heavy users of alcohol and drugs often experience difficult and sometimes life-threatening side effects from quitting cold turkey. At the 12 Keys alcohol detox center, we begin treatment by medically managing a client's withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. This practice assures our clients that our staff will do everything they can to make their earliest sober days as comfortable as possible.

Our alcohol detox facility staff includes a Board Certified neurologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Victor Balta, a 20-year veteran of addiction medicine in New York City and Florida. Loretta Lukic, the 12 Keys Clinical Director, has 25 years of experience in the field and is well versed in all areas of clinical care. Following the medically assisted detox program, our clients begin one-to-one and group therapy sessions as well as fun and relaxing activities designed to increase the enjoyment of a sober lifestyle.

Real People and Real Recoveries at the 12 Keys Alcohol Abuse Detox Center

Our private rehabilitation facility only accepts about 30 clients at one time. This ensures each and every one of our clients receive the care they so desperately deserve. Our small size also assures that our clients can recover from the dangerous effects of alcohol detox in privacy at our lush, well-appointed property.

The 12 Keys alcohol detox facility features private and semi private rooms for clients, unlike other rehab centers that confine patients in sterile, clinical and cold settings. Our grounds and buildings have private and semi private bedrooms and bathrooms, comfortable porches and beautiful gardens. Clients enjoy chef-prepared meals, swim in our large on-property pool and reflect on life as they watch the sun set from our private dock. In short, 12 Keys is uniquely positioned to help you or your loved one recover from the effects of alcohol abuse in safety and comfort.

Explore the 12 Keys alcohol detox center and let us demonstrate how we help clients rest, reflect and reengage with a life-lasting sober, fun and productive lifestyle.

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