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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 23.5 million persons over the age of 11 needed treatment for alcohol or drug addiction in 2009. Luckily, these individuals have more options than ever before when seeking treatment. Some drug rehabilitation programs and centers offer strong testimonials while others feature beautiful surroundings or years of experience. With so many choices, how can you select the right drug rehabilitation center for you or your loved one?

Finding the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers

There is no cookie-cutter approach to treating addiction. NIDA and other authorities all acknowledge that addiction is a complex issue, one that affects individuals differently. For that reason, the best drug rehab center for one individual might not be the best option for another. It’s important to carefully consider the options and take a closer look at the following factors.


To be successful, drug rehabilitation options should be accessible – and that means affordable. There’s no point in looking at the best drug rehab centers if you can’t afford them. No matter what they offer, adding financial stress to your situation is unlikely to yield great results.

Many of the best drug rehab centers accept insurance. You might find that your treatment is covered. Other programs offer financing or different treatment options at different price points. Look for a solution that matches your financial situation and your needs.

While price is important, do not simply choose the lowest-priced alternative. Your recovery is an investment and you want to find a program that supports you with the treatment you need. Don’t cut corners; choosing the wrong center simply because it’s affordable can mean you don’t get the support you need, and then you may need to re-start treatment.


The location of a treatment program is essential, especially if you want friends and family to visit you. Will traveling to the rehab center be realistic for you and your family?

In addition to distance, consider where the rehab center is located. Some people find that a waterfront setting or a setting with lots of green space is soothing, and even spiritually lifting during recovery. If aesthetics and a beautiful environment are important to you, look for a program located somewhere you will enjoy spending a significant amount of time.

If you are paying for your treatment through insurance, make sure your insurance will cover the center, even if it is an out of state facility.


One of the most important factors that distinguishes the best rehab centers from more standard options is the quality of the program. When considering your options, look for programs that offer a lot of support. A quality program will offer one-on-one as well as group or peer counseling and treatment. It will also offer programs with tools to help with recovery in the long-term. The best rehab centers offer support through the detox and treatment process and provide the medically-proven treatment options that doctors recognize.

12 Keys Rehab, for example, can assign or refer individuals to interventions including the following:

  • Pharmacological
  • Spiritual
  • Mental Health
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Experiential Trauma
  • Family Dynamics
  • Bio Feedback

Based on the 12-step method but with additional treatments offered, 12 Keys Rehab offers a variety of treatment options that address not only addiction but also any underlying or related conditions.


How long will you need treatment? Often, this depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Severity of the addiction
  • Number of substances being abused
  • Number of issues that need to be addressed
  • Length of the addiction

It is important to choose a center that can offer support for the length of time you will require treatment. For example, if you plan on staying for more than a few days, a long-term program can offer an immersion experience that fully supports you.

A long-term program can be a great option for many reasons. Such programs allow you to fully focus on recovery, detox and treatment without any outside distractions. Staff and support work around the clock, so they’re always available when you need them.

Long-term programs also take care of preparing food and other needs, so you can focus exclusively on your treatment. Without the stresses of work and usual routines, it is easier to break away from situations that can make recovery difficult.

These programs also offer aftercare and support after you leave. You learn how to handle obstacles outside the center, so when you leave you’re ready to continue to work on your sobriety.

Family Involvement

Family often plays an important role in a recovery program. Someone in recovery may be spending some or all of their time with family; they may even be living with family as they rebuild their life. It is important for family members to become involved and to discover their role in aftercare.

Loving support from family can also provide an important source of encouragement for someone in treatment. If an addiction has caused family tension, family involvement in treatment can help address this issue and be a very important healing process in recovery.


Recovery doesn’t end when a patient leaves a program. Even if you go to the best drug rehabilitation program in Florida or your state, you’ll eventually return to everyday life. When you do, you’ll need continued support, as well as the life skills needed to deal with temptation and challenges. The best drug rehab centers recognize this and create strong aftercare resources to help you.

12 Keys Rehab conducts a careful assessment after the completion of treatment so you get a thorough and personalized aftercare program. This program includes helping family understand their role in aftercare and helping residents find a support network in the recovery community to assist them with staying sober.


Rehab and treatment take time, but they will not take all of your time. When considering rehabilitation programs, always consider what you’ll do when you’re not in counseling or actively working on recovery. Activities and recreation seem like a minor point, but they’re a crucial part of the recovery process. Recreational activities can help you:

  • Stay in shape
  • Learn something new
  • Interact with others
  • Build confidence
  • Manage stress
  • Learn discipline
  • Learn to handle post-treatment frustrations and challenges

For all of these reasons, look for a treatment program that includes reactional activities that interest you and even let you try something new. 12 Keys Rehab offers deep sea fishing, snorkeling, golfing, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, horseback riding and more.


Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction takes a tremendous amount of courage. It can be a challenge, which is why a center that offers compassion and privacy is so important.

A center that treats you with respect and offers a private setting can help you rebuild your confidence and your life. Before choosing a program, you should think about how much privacy you need. Do you need or want a lot of one-on-one and private counseling? Would you prefer a private room? Or would you like a more social environment?


No two recoveries are the same, and the treatment that works for one person might not be the correct approach for another. While many treatment options are widely accepted, it’s important to always consider the individual and create a personalized, holistic recovery program based on careful assessment and consideration.

If an individual is struggling with a chronic health condition and behavioral problems, for example, he or she may need a very different approach than someone in good health who is struggling with multiple addictions.

At 12 Keys Rehab, a thorough assessment considers barriers to recovery, family members’ input, personal goals and more. Looking at this information and the client’s reaction in various environments, the best treatments can be chosen to fully support the individual through recovery.

Quality of Staff

The staff makes a tremendous difference in treatment. A caring, professional staff with adequate knowledge of the latest treatment methods plays a crucial role in recovery. You should feel comfortable with the staff and trust them to work in your best interests.

Staff should hold recognized credentials and relevant education. The drug rehab center itself should be certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Florida Department of Children and Families or other relevant organizations.

Staff-to-Client Ratio

An overworked staff and many clients per staff member can mean that clients don’t get the support they need. During treatment and recovery, clients should feel cared for and be able to seek assistance when needed.

12 Keys Rehab limits each counselor to no more than 3 clients, and we’re able to offer more one-to-one counseling than most centers. This ensures that all clients have their needs fully addressed.

Food and Living Environment

If you will be a resident at a rehab center, make sure you will be comfortable and that the center can provide you with good quality meals that meet any food allergies or dietary restrictions you have.

If you are going to stay long-term at a rehab center, it’s especially important that you find the environment supportive as well as comfortable and that you receive nutritious meals.


Carefully consider the culture of the centers you’re considering, particularly what culture would be most beneficial to you. Perhaps you would feel best if you were surrounded by people who have successfully sought treatment from addiction and can lead you to do the same. Maybe you prefer a very structured environment – or one that is less structured.

Additional Services

Before seeking treatment, people often find themselves in traumatic situations. Perhaps you have seen friends and family suffer, have been affected by crime or need help overcoming a trauma. You may need services to treat mental or behavioral health issues. Make sure the center you’re considering has a range of services to help you.

Looking for the Right Fit?

Choosing the right rehab facility for you or a loved one is important. To ensure a better chance of completing the treatment program, it’s important to make the right choice.

A good rehab center that provides you with the support and treatment options you need can also decrease your chance of visiting a center multiple times. If you're looking for the right fit for you, make sure that you:

  • Ask lots of questions. Contact rehab centers and ask questions about their facilities, staff and programs.
  • Seek rehabilitation in a timely manner. Don’t simply sign into the first center you read about, but don’t spend weeks looking for the perfect solution. Take enough time to make a good choice, but don’t delay treatment unnecessarily.
  • Compare your options.
  • Follow your instinct. Choose the center that seems right for you or your loved one. You should be able to trust the staff and the facility, as well as the program.
  • Check references, testimonials and credentials.
  • Speak to others who have been through rehabilitation and recovery. What helped them through the process? What would they recommend when looking for a rehab center?
  • Don't expect a one-stop solution. Ultimately, recovery is a long-term process and you should be wary of any center that promises instant results.
  • Choose a reputable rehab center. Avoid centers that make grandiose claims or don't treat drug addiction and alcohol addiction as a complex medical issue.
  • Be prepared for a long journey. You will be pursuing sobriety for the rest of your life. Look at a rehab center as the start of your journey.
  • Decide on your goals before choosing a rehab center. Carefully think about what you’re looking for from your treatment. Do you want private treatment programs, lots of peer interaction or an excellent aftercare program that will help you reclaim your life? Do you need to get help for behavioral issues or a medical condition, as well as addiction? Do you want to start a job after treatment? Determine your goals and what it will take to start rebuilding your life. This can help you decide which services and centers might best suit your needs.

Experience a Real Recovery at 12 Keys Rehab

As one of the best rehab centers in the United States, the 12 Keys Rehab staff of counselors and specialists excels at teaching the skills necessary to live a sober, satisfying and productive life. Explore the differences that make 12 Keys one of the best rehab facilities in Florida and beyond.

Rest, Reflect and Reengage in a Compassionate and Relaxed Environment

Our staff, which includes addiction recovery experts with decades of experience, is proud of our reputation as the best rehab in Florida. The 12 Keys approach to recovery blends intensive one-to-one counseling with a small size, grand amenities and unique privileges that help our recovering family members survive and thrive after recovering from the effects of addiction.

Each of our staff members is a recovered alcoholic or addict. We understand what our clients are going through and we know what it takes to live a productive and satisfying lifestyle while in recovery. Adding our unique blend of amenities and activities to the 12 Keys experience makes us one of the best rehabilitation centers in operation today.

Recover in Comfort

Our Florida location makes it possible for us to provide a real recovery experience in a lush, subtropical environment. As one of the top rehab facilities in the U.S. we round out therapy with a healthy blend of activities. Clients take advantage of our waterfront location and surf, fish and play beach volleyball. They golf and ride horses. They go to the movies and bowl. In short, they learn how to have fun without using drugs and/or alcohol.

Of course, we also know successful recovery requires ample time for reflection. Our clients rest and recharge while wandering our lush grounds, relaxing on our porches and reading by our on-property pool. They watch the sun set from our dock as they reconnect with loved ones. When it's time to retire, they sleep in comfortable beds in private and semi-private rooms or private and semi-private cottages.

Invest in Your Future

Making the decision to enter alcohol or drug rehabilitation is a big step. It's a considerable investment of your time, effort and money. Choosing the best drug rehab center for you can increase the chances of your success. The best rehab center for you is one that makes you feel comfortable, has the services you need to fully pursue sobriety and provides you with the resources you need long after you leave the center. It can be the start of a whole new life for you, so choose wisely.

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