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Experience a Real Recovery at 12 Keys Rehab

As one of the best rehab centers in the United States, the 12 Keys Rehab staff of counselors and specialists excels at teaching the skills necessary to live a sober, satisfying and productive lifestyle. Explore the differences that make 12 Keys one of the best rehab facilities in Florida and beyond.

Rest, Reflect and Reengage in a Compassionate and Relaxed Environment

Our staff, which includes addiction recovery experts with decades of experience, is proud of our reputation as the best rehab in Florida. The 12 Keys approach to recovery blends intensive one-to-one counseling — we provide more one-to-one counseling than any other rehab center in the U.S. — with a small size, grand amenities and unique privileges that help our recovering family members survive and thrive after recovering from the effects of addiction.

Each of our staff members is a recovered alcoholic or addict. We understand what our clients are going through and we know what it takes to live a productive and satisfying lifestyle in while recovery. Adding our unique blend of amenities and activities to the 12 Keys experience makes us one of the best rehabilitation centers in operation today.

How the 12 Keys Recovery Model Works

Unlike other rehabs in Florida, 12 Keys provides each client with an individualized approach to achieving a real recovery. If necessary, clients undergo a medically managed drug or alcohol detox process that assures a safe withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. When ready, clients participate in our multidisciplinary therapy program, which includes treatment for dual diagnosis. Group therapy sessions stay small because 12 Keys, unlike other top rehab centers, only accepts about 30 clients at one time.

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Recover in Comfort

Our Florida location makes it possible for us to provide a real recovery experience in a lush, subtropical environment. As one of the top rehab facilities in the U.S. we round out therapy with a healthy blend of activities. Clients take advantage of our waterfront location and surf, fish and play beach volleyball. They golf and ride horses. They go to the movies and bowl. In short, they learn how to have fun without using drugs and/or alcohol.

Of course, we also know successful recoveries require ample time for reflection. Our clients rest and recharge while wandering our lush grounds, relaxing on our porches and reading by our on-property pool. They watch the sun set from our dock as they reconnect with loved ones. When it's time to retire, they sleep in comfortable beds in private and semi private rooms and private and semi private cottages.

Discover Why 12 Keys Is One of the Best Rehab Facilities in the Nation

Explore our website and let us demonstrate why our real approach to recovery makes us one of the top rehabilitation facilities in the nation. Contact us and discover how you or your loved one will learn to reengage with life in a sober and satisfying way.

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