Chronic Stress Leading to Addiction in Medical Students

Medical school is a rewarding and exciting time for many students and their families. There are high hopes of academic achievement, future career aspirations and success. Getting to work closely with other professionals, all pursuing the same dream, can be exhilarating and motivating.

Nevertheless, there is another side of medical school that can have devastating effects on students, their families, patients and long-term career. Medical school students face demanding workloads and high academic expectations. These pressures combined with family and social stressors can leave many students feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. Eventually, this stress may lead to anxiety and depression, which wraps students up in a vicious circle of despair.

When students face these stressors, many of them become discouraged and desperate. They may begin to turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with their troubles or to help stimulate their performance so they can achieve more.

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What is Causing the Heroin Epidemic

No matter what part of the country you live in, every time you turn on the news, you are sure to hear a story about the rise in heroin use, the latest heroin overdose death, or how Narcan — a heroin antidote — was credited for saving someone’s life.

While the stories about the influx of heroin use have become commonplace in recent years, you may wonder what has caused this sudden increase in the use of this highly addictive and deadly narcotic, especially if you have a loved one that has become addicted to it. The question on the minds of so many is this: What is causing the heroin epidemic?

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What is Heroin?

Heroin is an opioid-derived narcotic that is produced from morphine, a substance that is extracted from the Asian poppy plant. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that there are two different variations of heroin:

  1. Pure heroin, which is a white powder that is usually snorted or smoked.
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Importance of Personalized Treatment

12 Keys Rehab understands that personalized addiction treatment is essential to supporting a client’s successful recovery. That’s why we provide more one-on-one counseling than most other drug rehab centers and have low client-to-therapist ratios. Because numerous biopsychosocial factors contribute to the development of a substance addiction, a standardized form of treatment cannot and should not be used.

When we personalize a treatment plan for each client, we always incorporate the following principles:

  • Addiction is not a choice but a disease negatively impacting brain chemistry and functioning.
  • Mental, emotional and physical needs of each client must be addressed individually.
  • Treating co-occurring mental disorders is an important part of each personalized addiction treatment plan.
  • Clients should be offered multiple therapy options conducive to their recovery.
  • Using detoxification and anti-addiction medication as initial, but not the only, parts of the recovery process.
  • Evaluating each client’s treatment plan regularly to accommodate the changing needs of the client.
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Everything You Need to Know About Drug Safety at Music Festivals

Music festivals are one of the great things about summer. There is nothing better than getting out there in the crowd with a bunch of friends and listening to live music under the bright blue sky. While everyone is kicking back and relaxing on the lawn, you might even discover some new tunes to add to your favorites list.

But, just like at any other public event, safety is always a concern at music festivals. While you’re out there to enjoy yourself, there are a lot of ways the day could end badly. It’s a good idea to know the scene and take some precautions, so nothing ruins your perfect summer day at a music festival.

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Drug Use at Music Festivals

Though patterned after the most famous music festival of the baby boomer generation, Woodstock 1969, today’s music festivals have come a long way.

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