Setting Realistic Goals in Addiction Recovery

The first weeks of sobriety after getting clean can be a whirlwind of confusion. You’re expected to juggle family, work and friends again, while avoiding the old traps that helped lead to addiction in the first place. That kind of stress can be nerve-wracking, especially when feelings of anxiety or depression from prolonged stress often contribute to the start of substance abuse.

However, being able to set realistic goals for yourself in addiction recovery allows you to ground yourself in rational thinking. You can create a structured system to help you stay sober and continue building healthy skills.

What Are Smart Goals in Addiction Recovery?

People have probably been telling you to set goals and stick to them your whole life. From teachers who insist on completing higher education as a goal to coaches who encourage you to up your scoring percentage, you’ve probably had your fair share of goals thrust upon you — and you’ve likely even achieved some of them.

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Drug Addiction in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is all about glitz, glamour and beauty. We see models walking the catwalks showing designer clothing, as well as advertisements in magazines and catalogues showing us how to put together looks for each season of the year. Who among us hasn’t wondered, at least in passing, what it would be like to spend a day modeling beautiful clothes?

We know, though, that modeling is a highly competitive field that only a very few can enter. Young women, especially, are required to have a certain body type that the vast majority do not possess, or they will not be able to work in the industry, no matter how enthusiastic they may be.

Fashion Model Career Pressure

With the fashion industry being a highly competitive one, both for new models trying to break in and working models trying to make the most of their careers, it’s no wonder some people may be looking to drugs to give them an advantage.

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Fun Sober Activities

The goal of recovery from substance abuse is to move you from being an active user to having a healthy life in sobriety. You may not know or recall how to live a life that does not include drug or alcohol use. Participating in fun sober activities allows you to have a rich, full life and fills up the time that used to be spent feeding your addiction.

Importance of Hobbies and Activities in Recovery

When you’re in the throes of an addictive lifestyle, the disease of addiction always comes first. You can’t make a choice about whether or not you’re going to drink or use drugs. Once you enter an addiction rehab program and become clean and sober, your goal changes to developing strategies that can support your long-term sobriety.

Researchers have found that the longer you can remain sober in recovery, the longer you’re likely to continue to do so.

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Whoonga Addiction: South Africa’s Newest Scourge

Prevalent in Durban, South Africa, whoonga is a highly addictive drug comprised of low-grade heroin, household chemicals and antiretroviral medication. A researcher at Harvard University’s School of Public Health examined the drug whoonga and the effects it’s having on an impoverished society. There are no whoonga statistics to share, and no one is really certain what is inside this damaging drug — but it is certain this highly addictive drug wrecks the plans and dreams of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens every day.

The Relationship Between HIV and Whoonga

Some believe whoonga is a myth, yet Dr. David J. Grelotti, a Research Fellow at Harvard, saw for himself the effects of this dangerous drug. Whoonga use is rampant in Durban’s public parks. Many believe the drug contains cheap heroin, rat poison, household cleaners and HIV medication.

Durban is a community marred by one of the highest rates of HIV in the world.

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