Alcohol Consumption

Although alcohol is a legal intoxicant, it’s still a potentially addictive substance that should be used with great care, consideration and moderation. Because alcohol use also varies by age, race and ethnicity, knowing your limits is key to making sure you remain healthy and safe.

There have been a great number of studies examining how much alcohol the typical person drinks and when. As our minds and bodies age, how much alcohol we are able to consume changes. Let’s take a closer look at how adults drink alcohol by age, race or ethnicity, and demographic.

Alcohol Use in the United States

Since the death of prohibition more than 70 years ago, alcohol consumption in the United States has steadily risen. Today’s modern society is one with a bar on every corner. In many states you can now by hard liquor in grocery stores.

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The 10 Best Reasons to Be Drug and Alcohol Free

Reasons to be drug and alcohol free

Listening to the stories of former addicts and alcoholics, a common thread emerges: peace and serenity. How did these people go from the misery of addiction to the serenity of recovery?

When you’re trapped in the tentacles of addiction, the promises of recovery may seem like a mere dream. “Sure,” you think to yourself, “It’s fine for that person, but they don’t have the problems that I do. They don’t know what I’m going through.”

Help is available to you. Healing is possible. Former alcoholics, addicts, compulsive overeaters and gamblers have all shared their stories, and a common theme emerges: the promises of recovery. Read these reasons, and choose the ones that speak to your heart. Hold onto them, and think about them the next time you’re craving a high. They may be enough to inspire you to pick up the phone and call 12 Keys Rehab for help.

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The Dangers of Getting Tired

Let’s face it: Everyone gets tired. Whether you had a lousy night of sleep, a busy day or just feel drained from stress, tiredness is an uncomfortable feeling — especially when rest isn’t on the horizon. Feeling tired not only causes physical discomfort, it also causes emotional distress. If you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, this stress can make you more vulnerable to relapse.

Feeling tired is one of the four conditions in H.A.L.T. Hunger, Anger, Lonely and Tired may be commonly recognized feelings, but the emotional discomfort they cause is extremely dangerous for individuals who struggle with addiction. Recognizing these feelings — and taking healthy steps to address them — is one of the most popular recovery tips for addiction and avoiding relapse. Could staying sober be as simple as taking a nap?

What to Understand About Tiredness

tiredness and addictionYou already know you need sleep when you feel exhausted.

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The Scariest Drug in the World

Imagine a drug that leaves you completely vulnerable, unable to take control of your decisions and awake the entire time. Sound scary? That’s the way scopolamine affects the body, and it’s why this drug is considered one of the scariest drugs in the world.

When under the influence of scopolamine, people have been known to commit theft and perform other illegal acts. Afterward, the victims struggle with tremendous amounts of guilt, as they were at the mercy of the scopolamine drug. They may have little memory of the events, but they do remember that they were lured into criminal activities against their will.

Understanding Scopolamine

Ironically, scopolamine isn’t a medication that has been taken off the market or is only available on the street. It’s actually a pharmaceutical drug, and it is prescribed for people who have conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s and medical problems that cause uncontrollable muscle spasms.

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