Physical Dependence vs Addiction

Taking Steps

Imagine two individuals. Both take drugs and have tried to quit — only to go back to using when the withdrawal symptoms grow too intense. One is addicted, and one is not. Do you know why? The answer comes down to physical dependence vs drug addiction.

Understanding Physical Dependency

Your body is capable of relieving normal aches and pains with natural painkilling chemicals made in the brain. When you suffer an injury, you might take a drug such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, which boost the body’s ability to kill pain. If you suffer a catastrophic injury such as a broken leg, or you are recovering from surgery, you might take a narcotic painkiller. Narcotic painkillers are extremely powerful substances that force the brain to release a large reserve of natural painkilling chemicals.

For someone who is truly suffering from pain, these drugs offer immediate relief.

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Avoiding the Nightcap: Alcohol and Insomnia Problems

truth-about-nightcapsThe nightcap is a tradition that goes back ages and continues to be romanticized today. In fact, up to 15% of people still use nightcaps to help induce a good night’s sleep. To clarify, a nightcap is not stylish hat you wear as you sleep. A nightcap is a small amount of alcohol ingested immediately before bed. Many people drink nightcaps because they assume this small dose of booze will help them sleep.

Many people wonder: is a nightcap good for you, or is a nightcap bad for you? And some of those people drink nightcaps simply because they enjoy them. But the truth is a little more problematic.

Research Indicates Nightcaps Interfere With Sleep

Research suggests that nightcaps may actually interfere with your body’s ability to sleep soundly through the night. This finding is especially ironic because most people who drink nightcaps do so because they believe the alcohol will help them sleep.

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Motivational Quotes for Addicts in Recovery

Whether it’s you or a loved one in rehab for alcohol or drug addiction, a positive outlook is one of the keys to success. When someone believes they can do something, they are much more likely to achieve it. And when the person’s energy is being funneled into thinking positive thoughts, such as “I can do this” or “I am worth it,” they will start to believe those words.

Of course, not every day is a good one — recovery is difficult. Supporting someone in recovery is equally as difficult. Every now and then, we need a little pick-me-up to help remind us why we’re doing this and what we hope to achieve.

Positive words and affirmations can help someone in recovery focus on those goals. Here are five encouraging quotes for drug addicts and family members that can inspire you during the recovery process.

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What You Need to Know About Common Drug Slang

what you need to know about drug slang
It’s not unusual for sub-cultures to develop their own language to keep their communications secret from the mainstream. African slaves did it in the original colonies. Police do it as a short-hand for dispatch and reports. Cold War spies did it and attempted to decode messages from their enemies. Musicians do it to a beat. And teenagers have done it in every generation of recorded history.

The drug sub-culture is no exception. Developing street lingo for drugs to avoid being discovered by authorities is a common practice. Police departments around the country devote significant time and resources to cracking the drug code, so they can curtail the drug trade on our streets. It’s constantly evolving and a complicated code to break. Street drug slang is based on references that many of us wouldn’t understand.

Common Slang Terms for Common Drugs

Here is a list of common street drugs and a few of their aliases:

  • Marijuana: grass, green, weed, herb, ganja, 420, Mary Jane, doobie
  • Heroin: brown sugar, white horse, china white, black stuff, gum, dope, golden girls
  • Cocaine: All-American drug, Aunt Nora, candy cane, lady, white horse, zip, flake, toot
  • PCP: angel dust, rocket fuel, wack, embalming fluid, supergrass
  • Meth: go fast, poor man’s cocaine, tweak, uppers, biker’s coffee, trash, crank, speed, chalk


common slang terms for PCP


Street Names for Club Drugs

Here are the most popular club drugs and their street names:

  • MDMA: ecstasy, XTC, adam, clarity, lover’s speed, X, E, bean, roll, stacy
  • GHB: grievous bodily harm, G, liquid ecstasy, Georgia home boy, Gamma-OH, organic Quaalude
  • Ketamine: special K, K, vitamin K, cat valium, breakfast cereal, super acid, horse tranquilizer
  • Rohypnol: roofies, roche, ruffies, roaches, forget-me pill, La Rocha, Mexican valium, R-2


common slang terms for LSD


Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is not limited to illegal drugs; over the counter medicine and prescription drugs are misused and abused at alarming rates.

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