Reduce the Risk of Addiction Later in Life by Educating Your Children Early On

A World Health Organization report lists multiple factors contributing to drug addiction, such as genetics, poverty, peer influences, family history of drug abuse, personality disorders and suffering neglect/abuse as a child. An independent study found that children who later become drug addicts share three risk factors: Being raised in a dysfunctional family, having easy access to alcohol and drugs and peer influence. Authors of this study also state: “In families where there is warmth and love, children do not or rarely take drugs.”

Just as important to providing children with a stable, loving home environment is the critical need for parents to provide drug addiction education to young children and continue offering advice, insight and support throughout adolescence. Addiction prevention shouldn’t begin when a child is already experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Addiction prevention should begin as soon as a child is old enough to understand how and why drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are “bad’ for you.

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How to Stay Sober Over the Summer

Summer is here and the living is easy, right? Well, not necessarily, if you’re in recovery. People in recovery face challenges while staying sober during the summer holidays. Picnics, barbecues, and celebrations all seem to involve alcohol of some sort. Plus, you may run into your old drug-loving crowd at the beach, pool, or a friend’s party. How do you stay sober over the summer when temptation seems like it’s around every corner?

Summer is all about being casual. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and their inhibitions wind down. Yet there’s one thing you can never be casual about: recovery. No matter where summer fun leads, sobriety and recovery should be your number-one priority every day — catching some rays or waves could be your second priority.

Our tips for staying sober during the summer holidays will help you navigate both daily life as well as those special occasions like graduation parties, weddings, and 4th of July parties that all seem to coincide with summer fun.

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Varying Levels of Addiction: Why Some Addicts Recover Faster Than Others

We are all familiar with the revolving door rehab scenario because the media frequently covers it. A famous person checks into rehab, then the news is that he is out and ready to work again. Next thing you know, that same glamorous face is checking back into rehab, and you wonder if he’ll ever truly recover from his addiction.

There are others who claim to have skipped rehab and gone cold turkey, as if it were no big thing. They suffered through some sweats and tremors, but they never looked back. Those people can usually tell you the date and time of their last high. They don’t go to meetings or counseling sessions, and they never even think of relapsing.

You have to wonder how it is possible for some people to recover from addiction quickly and easily, while others struggle with it for years.

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Tips to Help You Stop Enabling Your Addicted Loved One

What Is an Enabler?

An enabler sincerely believes he or she is helping the addict by showing concern for, and loyalty to, someone whom appears to be a “victim.” The addict-victim is often the child of a parent-enabler who feels guilty about not being the perfect parent. Enablers are controlled by distorted thinking patterns, similar to an addict’s thought patterns that perpetuate the addiction by avoiding the issue altogether.

Am I Being an Enabler?

  • Enablers dislike confrontation and will deliberately avoid confronting the addict. They believe that, by preventing (avoiding) conflict, the problem will eventually solve itself.
  • Enablers are in denial and will refuse to acknowledge the loved one’s addiction.
  • Enablers suppress their true feelings to avoid conflict with the addict. This anger and resentment they repress typically develops into clinical depression and anxiety.
  • Enablers are great “minimizers.” One of their mantras is, “It isn’t as bad as you think.
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