Why Is CARF Accreditation Important?


Once you’ve made the decision to get treatment, choosing an effective program that meets your specific needs becomes the top priority. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of many programs. In addition, just because a center has an excellent reputation, does not mean it can provide the care you or your loved one needs to heal. With the large number of substance abuse rehabilitation options available to your family, how can you know if the addiction rehabilitation program you’re considering is right for you?

What Is CARF Accreditation?

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities is the premier health care standards organization in the home health and inpatient rehabilitation field. Most rehabs and home health businesses do not earn CARF accreditation, because it is not required to operate. Facilities that achieve CARF approval instead must pass an in-depth assessment and review.

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Why Drug Detox Isn’t Enough


If you’re like many who want to quit using drugs or alcohol, you might believe that abstaining is enough to assure a lifetime of happiness, or at least sobriety. If only it were that simple.

Your Brain on Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs don’t just make you feel high or drunk — they also affect certain chemicals and processes in your brain. Chemical dependency is why you feel anxious, nauseous or sick when you try to quit using cold turkey.

As your brain adjusts to sobriety, it is forced to start releasing these powerful chemicals without help from your substance of choice. This process is what can make withdrawal uncomfortable, and why professionally supervised detox can help you feel more relaxed during withdrawal.

Your Brain in Recovery

Luckily, over time, your brain recovers its ability to manage these chemicals on its own.

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This Is Your Brain on Drugs

brain damage caused by drug useThe war on drugs has been punctuated with public service announcements, catchy tag lines, and other marketing-style campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of illicit drug use. Perhaps one of the most memorable ad campaigns featured an egg in a frying pan and the line, “this is your brain on drugs.” And who can forget a certain first lady’s famous stance, “just say no.” If only it were that easy. Then, Americans wouldn’t annually spend billions of dollars developing dangerous addictions. The cost of the residual effects of drug abuse, crime and long term health issues, cannot even be accurately calculated.

Advertising slogans stick in your brain even when the message is ignored. The tag lines are cute and clever, but they don’t begin to address the severity of the problem.

Here are some popular anti-drug slogans you may remember:

  • This is your brain.
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What Can I Bring to Inpatient Rehab?


Are you preparing for a stay at 12 Keys Rehab? Congratulations on making decision you won’t ever regret. Here’s what to bring to residential-style rehab — and what to leave home.

What to Bring

The best and most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Also, you’re not being punished— if you forget something, you can get access to it later. This assumes, of course, that whatever you need doesn’t fall on the “what not to bring” list.

Important items to pack include:

  • Modest and comfortable clothing. Plan for a week’s supply of casual, non-revealing tops, bottoms, undergarments, pajamas and outerwear. Please avoid tees with offensive or inflammatory language or images. Short skirts, halter- or tube-style tops, muscle shirts and short shorts should also be avoided. Modest swimwear is also encouraged. Shoes, belts, hats and socks are more must-haves.
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