What It Feels Like to be High


Explaining what it feels like to be addicted to drugs is not easy — it encompasses more than just what the high feels like. Addiction changes brain chemistry. It affects one’s choices and relationships. It can change a person on every level.

While addiction from a scientific perspective may look the same for everyone, it has personal emotional root causes as well. These root causes, along with frequency and amount of use, affect how it feels to be high for each person.

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Although it may be difficult, we will do our best here to quantify what it feels like to be addicted to drugs, not just from a scientific perspective, but also from an emotional and familial perspective. The addiction experience is a very personal one, but there are aspects of it that can be quantified from substance to substance. Understanding what it feels like to be high, as well as how drugs can change the brain, is especially helpful for loved ones who struggle to understand addiction.

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How to Cope With Friends That Smoke Weed — And How to Help Them Quit

The debate of marijuana use — especially for medicinal purposes — is an important one. In many cases, however, it causes people to assume smoking weed isn’t bad if it’s legal in some areas or in certain instances – but this is not true.

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When a friend chooses to start smoking weed, it can be difficult to watch. Seeing your friend struggle with marijuana addiction can be even more difficult when you understand the risks and choose not to smoke with him or her.


If you’re concerned a friend or loved one is going too far with marijuana, it’s important to learn how you can help. You might be seeing all the warning signs, and it might even feel like your loved one is slipping away. You want to pull him or her back in, but the disease of addiction has taken hold and won’t let go.

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Fun Sober Activities

A sober life does not have to equal a boring life. When our awareness is normal and our emotions stable, the possibilities for fun are unlimited.

To put it simply, being an addict is not fun. The sense of fun we think we are having when we are high is false. True, positive fun can only be achieved in a sober lifestyle.

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The goal of recovery from substance abuse is to move you from being an active user to having a healthy life in sobriety. You may not know or recall how to live a life that does not include drug or alcohol use. Participating in fun sober activities allows you to have a rich, full life and fills up the time that used to be spent feeding your addiction.

fun sober activities

Importance of Hobbies and Activities in Recovery

When you’re in the throes of an addictive lifestyle, the disease of addiction always comes first.

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Top 7 Reasons Addicts Refuse Treatment

When you scrape your knee and it begins to bleed, you seek out a Band-Aid. When your appendix becomes inflamed and threatens to burst, you head to the hospital and have it taken out. And when you come down with a cold, you take a decongestant to clear your head.

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You’d expect, then, that addicts would similarly seek out treatment when they struggle with drug addiction. But this isn’t always the case.

Why Do Addicts Refuse Help?

This is a deep and difficult question. Feelings of vulnerability, denial and confusion often play a role in addicts refusing help, but it also helps to understand where the person is coming from.

Here are the top seven reasons addicts refuse to get treatment for drug or alcohol abuse:

    • They’re in Denial

This may be the biggest reason people struggling with addiction decline treatment.

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