Are Successful People More Prone to Addiction?

If you’re a successful person in your academic or professional life, you might wonder how you could possibly get caught in the throes of addiction. After all, you’re an intelligent person capable of using logic to create viable solutions to the problems thrown your way.

However, that does not make you impervious to addiction. In fact, the stresses associated with success can make you more susceptible to addictive behaviors. The reality is that history is filled with tales of brilliant men and women who were pioneers in their respective fields, but they suffered and struggled with addiction.

So, take heart. You’re not alone, and there’s no need to hide any longer. There are countless people who’ve achieved success but are unable to break this painful cycle. Addiction does not mean you’re bad or weak or broken. It means you’re human and need help like everyone else.

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How Addicts Can Show Their Loved Ones Appreciation

You have met the challenge of kicking an addiction and are now in recovery. While you understand there is a long road ahead as you seek to maintain your sobriety, one of the aspects of life that you may not have considered is your relationships with those who have been supportive of you during your recovery. It is possible you may need to rebuild some of those relationships, especially if your addictive behavior harmed the trust that you and your loved ones once shared.

addicts showing appreciation

Perhaps one of the reasons you decided it was time to come clean was because you were ready to repair those relationships you lost while you were addicted. As you return home, you may be thinking about the fact that you have pledged to remain sober not only for yourself, but as a method of showing your family and friends how much you appreciated their support during your recovery.

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Tips for Boosting Happiness

Boosting happiness in addiction recovery helps you stay on track to maintain your sobriety — however, the idea of finding happiness without the use of drugs or alcohol may seem like a challenge. Addicts often use drugs or alcohol to bring happiness or chase away their negative feelings, so finding that happiness authentically sometimes seems impossible.

joy in addiction recovery

Happiness may not come naturally to you, but you can learn to find joy in your life during and after recovery. Simple changes to the way you think and approach life can make it easier to keep a positive outlook both during and after rehab and increase your chances of success.

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Understanding Happiness 

Happiness is a difficult emotion to define. Each person has a different perspective and a different idea of exactly what it means to be happy. No matter how you define happiness, remember it isn’t a constant state.

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Got PTSD and Sleep Problems?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has a wide range of causes. These can range from a soldier’s experience in combat to something like an abusive relationship or a stressful job that lasted for years. These are all legitimate reasons to suffer from PTSD, and they come with their own long-term problems — from an intense anxiety that seems inescapable to a frightening tendency to lash out at people.

If you’re suffering from PTSD, the odds are fairly good you’re also having a hard time sleeping. Sleep deprivation with PTSD is common, though a number of sufferers do manage to sleep without any problems.

How PTSD Causes Sleep Problems

PTSD and its resulting sleep problems are fairly common. These sleep problems stem from a number of sources:

  • Nightmares – Many people with PTSD report frightening nightmares, sometimes relating to the trauma they suffered.
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