Drug Detox at 12 Keys Rehab

For many drug addicts, the first few days of withdrawal aren't just painful and difficult; they are dangerous and even life-threatening. That is why 12 Keys Rehab begins many new clients' recovery programs with medically-assisted drug and alcohol detox. Explore 12 Keys and find out how we can help you or a loved one safely enter drug detox rehab.

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Competent and Compassionate Drug Detox Programs at 12 Keys

Our medically-assisted drug and alcohol drug detox programs are developed and implemented by Dr. Victor Balta, a Board Certified neurologist and psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in addiction medicine. In addition to Dr. Balta, 12 Keys is fortunate to have Clinical Director and noted field expert Loretta Lukic on staff. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Ms. Lukic is well versed in every aspect of clinical care.

The early days of drug withdrawal are extraordinarily difficult. Nevertheless, our clients and their loved ones rest easier with the knowledge that Dr. Balta, Ms. Lukic and the rest of the 12 Keys compassionate and empathetic staff are able to manage these dangerous side effects with skill and competence. And unlike other drug detox centers that restrict access to family and friends through confinement and other means, at 12 Keys we permit our clients to communicate with loved ones because we believe close, healthy relationships aid clients on the path to recovery.

Following Withdrawal

Once a client recovers from the early days of drug withdrawal, she may begin walking her path to a life-lasting, real recovery through private, group and client-led counseling. Our small size and large staff mean we provide more one-to-one drug counseling than any other rehab facility in the U.S. We also accept about 30 patients, so no one gets lost in the shuffle and group therapy sessions are less intimidating.

Even though the early days of withdrawal are over, therapy is still difficult and the staff at 12 Keys believes that life after rehab is easier when clients have a new or rediscovered hobby to enjoy. For these reasons, our clients engage in a wide array of activities designed to excite the body as well as the mind.

Clients go deep sea fishing and horseback riding. They go surfing on our beautiful ocean beaches and learn how to play beach volleyball in the soft sands. They watch the sun set from the relaxed ease of our dock, located on our 10-acre waterfront property. They swim in our large pool and read on our decks. They rest, reflect, relax and reengage in comfort and with the full support of family and our staff.

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Real People, Real Recoveries

At 12 Keys, we connect real people with real, life-lasting recoveries. Contact 12 Keys and discover how we can help you or a loved one reengage with the fun and productivity that a sober lifestyle offers.

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