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At 12 Keys Rehab Center, we focus on holistic, real recovery and treat clients using a combination of science, spirit, body, and family.

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Personalized Drug Rehab

At 12 Keys, we’re experienced in treating all types of drug and alcohol addiction. The types of drugs that are most commonly treated are: Opiates like Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Pain Pills/Prescriptions, any drug in combination with alcohol, and many more. Our certified staff is even qualified to treat dual-diagnoses through therapies like EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and PTSD and addiction treatment. Whether you’re looking for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, dual-diagnosis treatment or some combination of the three, we’re here to help.

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The 12 Keys Difference

Instead of isolating our clients from the real world, we work to incorporate treatment into their daily lives. During rehab, clients have access to their cell phones, computers, and a variety of activities. You’ll be able to recover in a safe environment while seeing how it’s possible to go back to your everyday life sober.

Our holistic rehab program will work to heal your mind, body, and soul while showing you that all of this is possible outside of 12 Keys. Recovery always seems easier when you’re away at our beautiful Florida rehab center. Our goal is to show you that your healing can happen anywhere – even after you leave.

Our Mission Is To See You or Your Loved One Succeed

Having been there ourselves, we know how hard the struggle can be and just how rewarding the end goals are. You can rest assured that you or your loved one is in good hands at our sunny Florida rehab center.

We know what our clients are going through first-hand. Our staff has many recovering addicts and alcoholics, including our therapists. We understand that learning to live a satisfying life in sobriety means learning how to manage with the pressure and stress of everyday life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs. It does not mean only learning how to live soberly in rehab.

Our counselors and specialists teach our clients the techniques they need to manage everyday events. This is what makes us a drug rehab program that families can rely on for life-lasting sobriety.

You'll Never Be Just a Number at 12 Keys

Your treatment plan will be custom designed to meet your individual needs and tailored along the way to ensure the best possible results in your recovery. We treat the individual, not the addiction. We want to see you or your loved one succeed and that shapes our treatment planning. We will combine tried and true methods of treatment with custom healing strategies so that you can feel confident in your recovery.

We only accept a limited number of clients at one time. Our low staff-to-client ratio makes us well positioned to provide the utmost in private individualized care. We offer more one-to-one counseling sessions than many other alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers. Clients also find our group sessions less intimidating because of our small size.

Incredible Florida Location, Comfortable Amenities, Fun Activities

Our Florida location is in Jensen Beach, FL on a 10-acre private, waterfront property. Our location provides the opportunity for a variety of activities, making us an ideal place to recover and keep active. Our property allows for swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and we also take day trips regularly for fishing and horseback riding, and more.

In addition to helping you enjoy activities, we’ll keep you well-nourished. Our chef will prepare nutritious, gourmet meals every day that you can enjoy in the dining room or outdoor patio. Mealtimes provide the opportunity to relax, reflect on your day and get to know others on the path to recovery.

Entering into one of our custom addiction treatment programs for detox, alcohol or drug rehab can be scary, but we want to take that fear away and provide you with a comfortable recovery experience. At 12 Keys, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your work, family and learn how to have fun again sober, all while treating your addiction.

The 12 Keys staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us help you or your loved one reengage with life today.

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