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By implementing a leading treatment model, world-class experiential therapies, and a clinical staff that is second to none, 12 Keys' Drug Rehabs in Florida offer real solutions to the addiction epidemic.

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Wende S

The staff and education I received at this place, saved my life. I'm celebrating 6 months sober today.

journeypure florida testimonial

Cameron B

JP gave me the tools and support I needed to live a life in sobriety. The community and sense of family is amazing!

journeypure florida testimonial

Tré K

Found the hope and inspiration I needed to begin to shatter my faulty belief systems and begin anew. Thank you for journey pure for helping me help myself.

Interested in Suboxone treatment but worried about insurance?

JourneyPure is proud to offer a Medication Assisted Treatment program that accepts certain insurances.

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How We Will Help

12 Keys' chief aim is to enable people to get healthy and stay healthy. We do this by providing evidence-based treatments to treat people’s addictions as well as their co-occurring mental health issues, including anxiety, trauma, depression, and bipolar. In doing this, we are able to root out the underlying causes of the addiction.

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Tour Our Facilities

Located throughout northern and south Florida, 12 Keys’ rehab facilities exemplify the best in modern addiction and mental health treatment. Take a photo tour of our campuses and find out why this is the place to get healthy and start life anew.

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We've Learned From Experience

Our strength is our people. Through psychotherapy, psychiatry, and therapeutic counseling, our licensed, highly qualified staff has helped people of all walks of life live healthier and happier lives. We use research-based techniques to help our clients develop effective life skills while providing a supportive environment. In addition to superior substance use disorder treatment, 12 Keys Florida offers an array of individual mental health treatments. It is the responsibility of our care providers to not only identify those clients living with co-occurring disorders, but make sure these clients receive the specialized care that they need.

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We provide for all aspects of addiction recovery, starting with medically supervised detox, moving through 30-day residential treatment and on into outpatient care.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab

12 Keys' Florida addiction treatment centers are holistic, comprehensive, and individualized. We offer drug assessments, trauma-informed care, and evidence-based treatment to provide the best chance for our patients’ lasting recovery.

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With our easy access to outpatient care, state-certified peer recovery coaching, and 12 Keys Coaching™ mobile app, we’ve made lasting addiction recovery success our top priority.

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Addiction recovery that's built to last

At 12 Keys, our mission is to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

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What To Expect From Rehab At 12 Keys' Florida Centers

Care You Can Count On

Make no mistake: recovery is not for the faint-hearted. But it also has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. At 12 Keys, you can get back in touch with nature, your body, and your inner self thanks to our highly regarded experiential therapies, which include equine therapy, ropes courses, and yoga.

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Typical Day

There is no A “typical day” at our rehab. It is what you make of it. Our individual and group therapy sessions are complemented by swimming, kayaking, yoga, and fishing. Not only do these activities provide their own benefits, they enhance one’s ability to relax, reflect, and recover.

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Our Strength is our People

We know what addiction is like. We’ve been there. For many members of our 12 Keys staff, recovery from longtime drug and alcohol abuse isn’t business—it’s personal. Get to know those who stepped back from the edge to recover their lives.

Tim S.

Director of Marketing | 12 Keys

Clean date: March 4, 2010

"I've been sober since March 4 2010. Without my sobriety I would have nothing. I feel that it's a privilege to work with other people who are starting their journey in recovery. Before I got sober, I didn't think I would ever have fun again. Now I get a chance to show other people how enjoyable life can really be. It means the world to me. It's the most important thing I can do with my life."

Lauren A.

Alumni Coordinator, Recovery Coach | 12 Keys

Clean date: April 20, 2016

"Helping other alcoholics and drug addicts through the recovery process has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is truly a blessing to see the light come on in their eyes as they start to put their lives back together."

Andrelia G

Professional Detox Chef | 12 Keys

Clean date: December 7, 2004

"I enjoy helping others to get clean/sober because someone helped me. It's a 'we' thing. It's much easier knowing that there is someone who has 'been there, done that' and is willing to help, than feeling as though you are alone. I enjoy helping others in any way I can, especially in the recovery process. It's a great way to live and actions speak louder than words."

Josh F.

Director of Strategic Accounts | 12 Keys

Years Clean: 10

I’m passionate about getting people sober for many reasons. First, many years ago an organization dropped what they were doing to help me go to treatment and get my life back on the right track. To this day, I feel a strong need to repay that gift in kind. What excites me the most, though, is the opportunity and platform for personal growth that sobriety provides. I love the gift that sobriety has given me and want to see everyone struggling with addiction receive the same gift. This is a chronic condition, it doesn’t go away, but you can learn how to use the tools that will keep it in remission."

Molly M.

Lead Marketing Strategist | 12 Keys

Clean Since: September 7th, 2015

Before I got sober, I had lost all hope in life. I couldn’t see a future for myself in any capacity apart from perpetual addiction. Sobriety has been the greatest gift I could ever ask for. There is no greater feeling to me than helping others see a new, better way of life. Watching the lights turn on behind someone's eyes when they get sober and realize how good life can be is the most rewarding experience. It is an honor to be able to help fellow addicts and alcoholics reach their goals and learn to laugh again.

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