12 Palms: A rehabilitation center that understands and listens

All across the country, there are a number of substance abuse rehab centers that have done an admirable job in trying to lead alcoholics and addicts toward a quality life in sobriety. However, how many of them actually take the proper time to understand and listen to their clients?

Many addiction treatment centers have a census of over 100 clients seeking recovery, but may only have five or six qualified counselors and therapists on hand to help them in early recovery. Clients can at times feel like a number, as they wait their turn to have some limited one-on-one time with their counselor.

At 12 Keys Rehab, they believe in an entirely different approach. 12 Keys is a rehabilitation center that maintains a census of a much smaller group of clients, and employs six full-time counselors and therapists dedicated to ensuring that their clients will be heard.

With a smaller workload, each therapist at 12 Keys can get to know each of their clients at a more intimate level, allowing them to tailor an individual comprehensive treatment plan for their clients that give each of them the best possible chance for a successful life in recovery.

Every addict has their own unique issues and problems—12 Keys is a rehabilitation center that understands that clients oftentimes need time to open up about their feelings. At larger substance abuse rehab centers, clients may not get the time with their counselors that they need because of the higher ratio of clients to counselors.

In addition, each staff member at 12 Keys is also a recovering addict/alcoholic themselves—they fully understand the need to be heard. They too needed to vent about their feelings while actively using, and needed a therapist to hear their concerns.

The ability to listen to clients and respond to their concerns is an asset at 12 Keys Rehab, and each counselor and therapist makes sure to allow whatever time is necessary so that their clients can be heard. A rehabilitation center that has a larger census of clients may not have the bandwidth to listen to their clients—12 Keys makes sure that each client is heard, and that no client is ever left behind.

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