12 Keys: Drug Rehabilitation isn’t About Money, but About Saving Lives

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama announced his administration’s new efforts in the war against drugs, saying that more emphasis needs to given to drug rehabilitation rather than incarceration for drug-related offenses.

While Obama’s revised policy certainly makes sense, many states are battling budget constraints that restrict their ability to effectively offer more drug rehabilitation services. Specifically, in the state of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett recently announced plans to cut spending on social services by 20 percent, which includes services for drug rehabilitation treatment programs.

12 Keys Rehab is a private treatment center that provides a great alternative in the fight against drug abuse. 12 Keys fully understands the financial concerns of its clients, and understands that insurance coverage issues and budgetary constraints often can be barriers to anyone seeking treatment.

Put simply, 12 Keys is in the business of saving lives. That is their primary objective. The staff at 12 Keys will work with each client to give them the drug rehabilitation treatment they seek at an affordable price. Staff members will work with insurance companies to obtain the necessary coverage that can give clients a drug rehabilitation treatment plan that gives them the best chance for a long and fulfilling life in sobriety.

Today’s economy has certainly put a clamp on state and federal spending, and social services have seen a drastic reduction in available funds, especially for drug rehabilitation. However, 12 Keys is not a private drug rehab that is just in it to make money—saving their clients from a life of devastation and destruction is their goal, and they will work with clients to offer an affordable option in order to achieve that goal.

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