12 Keys: Offering Drug Addiction Treatment in a Serene Setting

Addicts often hear the word serenity in early recovery, and it’s a feeling that is oftentimes foreign to them. Serenity was certainly not a word used in describing their lives in active addiction, for sure.

12 Keys Rehab is a recovery center in South Florida that doesn’t take the word serenity lightly. In fact, as a leading drug addiction treatment center, they have gone to great lengths to offer their clients a setting for recovery which is not serene, but safe and comfortable.

12 Keys is a drug addiction treatment center situated in Jensen Beach, Florida, nestled in 10 acres of secluded land right alongside the Indian River lagoon, considered one of the most diverse estuaries in the country. With its subtropical setting, 12 Keys offers serenity in every sense of the word. Clients can start their day watching the sunrise over the river, and after a full day of treatment-related activities, they can return to enjoy a peaceful time anywhere throughout the beautiful acreage that 12 Keys offers—quiet time at a bench surrounding a spring-fed pond, taking a relaxing swim at the large pool, or taking a casual walk around the grounds while being surrounded by lush vegetation and gorgeous natural landscape.

For any addict, peace and comfort were unattainable—all too often they were consumed by their never-ending quest to find their next fix just to ease their pain and mask how they were really feeling. At 12 Keys, not only does their comprehensive suite of drug addiction treatment programs help to achieve a peace of mind and ease their pain, the beautiful surroundings also help to make them feel comfortable and secure. Serenity is an all-encompassing word used to describe calm, peace, tranquility and comfort. 12 Keys believes in providing all of that and more, so that each client can concentrate on recovery in a setting that lends itself to an air of serenity.

We invite you to tour our facilities online, and once you see just how serene the setting is at 12 Keys, along with its outstanding suite of drug addiction treatment programs, you’ll see why 12 Keys should be your first choice for finding serenity along with a fulfilling life in recovery.

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