12 Keys Rehab: A Private Rehab with a Design for Living that Works

The main goal at 12 Keys Rehab, as with all substance abuse rehab centers, is to give each of its clients the tools and resources that they can use to become happy and productive members of society. However, at 12 Keys, it’s the rehab treatment programs offered that make the difference.

At 12 Keys, it isn’t just about making sure the clients have the education and the tools to get sober, it’s about showing them by example that life can be thoroughly enjoyed in sobriety. The team of dedicated counselors and therapists at 12 Keys are all recovering addicts and alcoholics as well, and all of them can empathize with exactly what their clients are feeling.

For any private rehab to effectively do its job, they must be able to reach their clients and make them understand that recovery from drugs and alcohol can work, and that life can be enjoyed without the devastating circumstances brought about by addiction. While each counselor and therapist at 12 Keys is well-educated and certified in addiction counseling, they can also share with their clients through their own life experiences that sobriety is fulfilling and meaningful.

The ability to gain the trust of their clients is what sets 12 Keys apart from many other rehabilitation centers in Florida. The dedicated staff at 12 Keys is comprised of a group of counselors, therapists and house technicians who have all felt the same pain and misery that their clients have experienced in their lives through their addiction, and they are able to show their clients how to enjoy life by sharing their hope, strength and experience with them.

Private rehab facilities across the country employ qualified and capable professionals who work hard to help their clients achieve sobriety, but the staff at 12 Keys goes the extra yard in ensuring that their clients can embrace and enjoy sobriety in the same way that the staff members do in their own lives. In leading by example, 12 Keys Rehab is the private rehab that can give its clients a design for living that works.

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