12 Keys Recovery Center: Drug Rehab Treatment with Compassion and Empathy

All too often, addicts are recycled through drug rehab treatment facilities across the country, where they are given the basics of recovery, but little else. Sent back out into the world, they lack the foundation in sobriety necessary to sustain long-term recovery, and find themselves back in drug rehab once again, only to receive the same exact treatment they had previously undergone.

At 12 Keys Rehab, their goal is to make sure that each and every client not only receives quality care and treatment, but is also given a blueprint for life.

Every single counselor, therapist and technician at 12 Keys Rehab are also recovering addicts themselves who have gone through the rigors of treatment at various drug rehabs. They have walked in their clients’ shoes, and have faced the same struggles and pitfalls in their own recoveries from drug and alcohol abuse. Together, the counselors and therapists work together to ensure that each client at 12Keys Rehab is armed with every tool and resource possible to maintain long-term, quality sobriety.

As a rehabilitation center in Florida, 12 Keys Rehab wants to make sure that not one client is ever left behind. Through the extensive drug rehab treatment plan offered, each client is immersed in recovery based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and each client is strongly encouraged to embrace the steps and put them to use in their lives from day one. Through keeping each client thoroughly engaged in their recovery through the 12 Steps, they take the knowledge and put it into action in their lives.

Many drug rehab treatment centers will offer its clients a treatment plan that includes the 12 Steps, but oftentimes, its clients aren’t encouraged to work the 12 Steps while in treatment. That’s the difference at 12 Keys Rehab—it’s not about giving their clients the tools and resources necessary for recovery, it’s about making sure each client uses the tools and puts them to action while in recovery.

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