3 Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex disease caused by a wide range of factors, including social, psychological and physical issues. Although your loved one’s addiction might be clear to you, it is often frustratingly difficult to convince a loved one that getting help is necessary. To a struggling individual, the barriers to addiction recovery are so great that getting sober — and living sober — is completely overwhelming. If you’ve ever wondered why addicts refuse treatment, 12 Keys can help you understand.


Did you know that denial is one of the chief characteristics of addiction? This happens because all substances negatively affect the brain’s ability to process risk, make decisions and remember consequences. All the brain remembers is euphoria. It develops such a strong chemical link between using drugs and feeling good that the cravings to feel pleasure become more important than anything else. Eventually, it becomes impossible for the addicted person to even feel normal without using. This is when the addiction has fully taken control.

Even after addiction is obvious, it is still hard for many people to accept that they cannot handle the problem alone. They might quit using for a few days, but then go right back to drugs or alcohol. They might believe they are stronger than their addiction — but they are not. At this point, intervention may be necessary. Only when confronted with clear evidence by those who care the most is the addicted individual willing to submit to treatment.


Taking time out from a busy lifestyle seems impossible for many addicted individuals, and it’s one reason why addicts refuse help. After all, even finding time for a vacation is tough enough. So spending thirty or 60 days in rehab, as well as the potential cost of it, can make it seem impossible to accomplish.

Nevertheless, taking a break from everyday life is the perfect way to focus completely on getting sober. Many addicted individuals are surprised to discover how much their friends and family members are willing to help them on the road to recovery, with favors such as helping with childcare, pet care, paying the bills or managing professional responsibilities. Also, many drug and alcohol rehab centers, including 12 Keys Rehab, accept insurance. Once an addicted individual knows that others are ready to provide support, the resistance to taking time away may stop.

Addiction is life threatening, and it affects everyone who knows the struggling person. Getting away from drugs and alcohol to get treatment provides many recovering individuals with a healthier perspective and the motivation they need to stay sober.


Tens of millions of people struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. It is a recognized mental health disorder. Yet many individuals are reluctant to get help because they feel worried about others’ reactions. They wonder what they’ll do when they have to admit they can’t drink or do drugs. The good news is that most people underestimate how thrilled their loved ones will be when they decide to get help. Friends, family and co-workers will be proud — not ashamed. That’s because getting sober is a real accomplishment.

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