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Practical Approach

A Customized Approach to a Practical Recovery

At 12 Keys Rehab, we believe a well-rounded, individualized treatment program should incorporate exposure to business matters, family communication, and other outside world interactions. The non-cookie-cutter approach we employ to help our clients heal does not cut off access to these important outside-world people. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation. 866-480-4328

Tropical yellow house 12 keys rehab centerExplore 12 Keys and let us demonstrate how the compassionate, competent caregivers at our Recovery Center can help you or a loved one rebuild life in a practical, enjoyable and successful way.

Daily Life at 12 Keys Rehab

Common practice at many rehabilitation centers includes severe restrictions on socialization, both with the outside world and within the facility itself. Our counselors and specialists believe regular communication with professional associates and family members in the outside world is not just essential, it’s helpful. In this way, we can observe how our clients’ process external stressors — while suggesting drug- and alcohol-free means of dealing with those stressors.

Also unlike other rehab clinics, 12 Keys Rehab permits and encourages innocent, healthy interaction between all clients, both male and female. Instead of enforced isolation, which many addicts practiced before recovery by self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, 12 Keys encourages a practical, real-life approach to improved overall health which includes innocent interaction between men and women.

Therapeutic Activities

rehabilitation activities at 12 keys- fishingOur counselors and mental health experts provide more one-to-one counseling than any other recovery center in the industry. We also offer inter-gender group therapy sessions and mealtimes, which lets us provide practical treatment in a diverse array of circumstances. But because we believe learning how to cope in the outside world is essential to a successful recovery, we also provide access to 12-Step meetings located outside the Recovery Center.

Extracurricular Activities

The counselors and specialists at 12 Keys know that successful recoveries always involve reconnecting with the activities clients once enjoyed before addiction. That is why our practical approach includes regular access to a variety of activities, including horseback riding, deep sea fishing, kayaking and standup paddleboarding, golf and more. Help is available 24/7 call this number for a free personal consultation. 866-480-4328

Quite simply, at 12 Keys we believe we offer our clients the tools and resources they need to rediscover the people, work and fun activities they once enjoyed. Contact 12 Keys and find out how our compassionate and customized multidisciplinary treatment plan can help you or your loved one remember how living life sober is fun and rewarding.

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