Addiction Treatment Centers and Relapse Prevention: An Exercise in Futility?

There are many out there in the recovery community who believe that relapse is a right of recovery. At 12 Keys Rehab, that is a belief that is not shared in any way.

Are relapses common occurrences among addicts and alcoholics within the first year after going through treatment at addiction treatment centers?


Does relapse have to happen?


12 Keys Rehab is a drug rehab facility that believes strongly in preparing each and every client for a life in recovery that never has to be interrupted by a relapse. With its comprehensive suite of treatment programs designed to give each client the tools and resources needed to maintain continuous and long-term sobriety, they also feature programs that deal specifically with relapse prevention.

At 12 Keys Rehab, each client is unique in that they have different situations in their lives that can act as triggers for a potential relapse. Many addiction treatment centers have relapse prevention program as a component of their overall treatment, but they don’t necessarily take the proper time to evaluate each client’s life situation to identify the factors that could cause a relapse.

Whether it be family life, career issues, relationships with friends or other factors, 12 Keys Rehab works with each client to get to know them personally so that counselors and therapists can pinpoint the triggers that can lead to temptation and cravings in the future.

Many treatment centers have also introduced new drugs on the market that have been designed to help with relapse prevention. Vivitrol is one such drug now being used for alcohol and opioid dependency, a shot that is administered once a month to help avoid relapse.

12 Keys Rehab believes that any drugs used for the purposes of relapse prevention is called Harm Reduction, and will not ever endorse using drugs as a treatment for relapse. 12 Keys believes that its relapse prevention programs should specifically target triggers for each individual client and give them the tools and resources needed to successfully deal with those triggers as they arise.

Relapse will happen—addiction treatment centers will likely never be fully successful in preventing slips. Addiction is a chronic disease and can rear its ugly head at any time. But 12 Keys is a drug rehab facility that takes the time to get to know each and every client, takes the time to identify factors in each client’s life that can cause triggers, and then takes the time with each client to develop an ongoing program to deal with those triggers should they manifest themselves.

Relapse is a part of addiction, but 12 Keys does not believe, nor will it ever believe, that relapse ever has to be a part of recovery.

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