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Exclusive Alcohol Counseling at 12 Keys Rehab

One of the many aspects of 12 Keys Rehab that makes us unique is the amount and quality of our alcohol counseling programs. Explore the 12 Keys Rehab's approach to a real, life-lasting sobriety.

How Can Counseling Help Me With an Alcohol Addiction?

As recovering addicts who now teach and demonstrate a life of sobriety, our owners and much of our staff have been where you are. This allows us to employ both the skills we’ve acquired during our professional training and the compassion we’ve learned through our own personal journeys of recovery.

Our alcohol counseling enables you to unpack the issues underlying your addiction and access a well-trained, empathetic ear around-the-clock. Because we’ve been in your shoes, you can rest assured knowing our caring counselors are available to you 24/7 to help you through any rough spots you may encounter.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Withdrawal

Approximately 50% of people addicted to alcohol experience withdrawal symptoms. The severity and duration of these symptoms depends largely on your overall health and history of abuse. If you’re among this 50%, you’re likely to experience the following stages characterized by the symptoms noted below:

  • First Stage (8 hours after your last drink) — Insomnia, abdominal pain, nausea and anxiety
  • Second Stage (24-72 hours after your last drink) — Abnormal heart rate, high blood pressure, elevated body temperature and confusion
  • Third Stage (72+ hours after your last drink) — Seizures, hallucinations, agitation and fever

These symptoms generally decrease within a week.

Withdrawal may seem intimidating and downright frightening to consider, but our process is designed to alleviate the fear commonly associated with detox. You’ll have an individual counselor and medical professionals at your side to help you comfortably progress through your withdrawal and into a fulfilling life of recovery.

Individual Alcohol Counseling Tailored to Your Needs

Your needs always come first at 12 Keys. This guiding principle is vital to our success and is not one we embrace lightly. For this reason, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to alcohol addiction treatment. Every aspect of our program, especially counseling, is tailored to your addiction and your specific needs.

At 12 Keys, we want you to achieve recovery in the most comfortable manner possible. We’ve found the best way to accomplish this is through customized individual counseling. We want you to feel like we’re a trusted friend who’s walking alongside you through what is possibly the most brave and challenging decision of your life.

Alcohol Counseling the Combined With Our Holistic 12 Steps

Another driving force of 12 Keys’ alcohol addiction treatment program is our combination of the 12-step program and a holistic approach. We’ve found that involving science, spirit, body and family in our clients’ recovery is optimal for lasting sobriety. Alcohol counseling is a key component of this process.

Here’s a simple breakdown of our approach.

  • Science — We employ a variety of proven techniques, including biofeedback, EMDR therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. We maintain a small client-to-counselor ratio to ensure we can closely monitor your progress and quickly address problems that can be overlooked by larger facilities.
  • Spirit — Guilt, despair and feeling isolated are all common when facing addiction. Incorporating spirituality into your recovery allows you to deal with these issues from a healthy perspective. You’ll become more spiritually awake and aware of how you interact with others. The new, sober you will learn to repair damaged relationships and become free of the selfishness and overwhelming guilt brought about by addiction.
  • Body — The body plays an integral role in your recovery. Should detox be necessary for your treatment, our compassionate staff is here to help you get through this process comfortably and safely. Also, every item on our chef’s menu is approved by our nutritionist to ensure you’re getting the healthy foods you need. We also offer plenty of fun activities including swimming, kayaking, fishing, standup paddle boarding and more.
  • Family — Getting your family to participate in your recovery during and after your time with 12 Keys is crucial to our approach. Often, trust and open communication need to be restored. We help resolve these issues during sessions with and without your loved ones present. We also provide helpful literature and aftercare to ensure healthy boundaries and practices are maintained throughout your recovery.

Through our holistic process, we simultaneously treat addiction, trauma, and social problems along with mental and behavioral health. Individual counseling is available to you around-the-clock during every phase of treatment. The benefits you’ll gain from our program will carry over into other areas of life, enabling you to fully enjoy your recovery with the support of our staff and your loved ones.

More One-to-One Counseling Than Any Other Alcohol Treatment Facility

At 12 Keys Rehab, our clients never become lost in the shuffle. We only accept a limited number of clients at one time and as a result we provide more one-to-one counseling than any other alcohol treatment facility in the United States. Each of our counselors only works with a few clients at one time.

Our small size also lends our group therapy sessions and client-led therapy sessions a more intimate, relaxed and less-formal feel. Clients engage with each other and our staff in a variety of cozy, well-appointed settings. They reconnect with loved ones on our comfortable porches, while walking the dock at our waterfront 10-acre property or while wandering through the lush subtropical Florida landscape.

Learning Effective Coping Skills in a Practical, Common Sense Way

The 12 Keys Rehab model for healing incorporates the real recovery approach and this method makes us unique among inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers. Many rehab clinics confine recovering alcoholics in unpleasant, clinical settings without access to basic communication technologies, family members or business associates. We believe this approach unwise.

Instead, at 12 Keys, our clients have access to laptop computers and cell phones so that they may stay in contact with loved ones and business associates. Family members often participate in therapy sessions, as they are also recovering from the effects of alcoholism. In this way, our experienced, expert staff can help our clients learn the tools and techniques required to stay sober in the outside world, not just while in rehab.

Life Is Fun

Of course, life is about more than just talking about feelings. That is why we offer a diverse variety of incredible lifestyle activities. Our clients golf and surf. They horseback ride and go deep sea fishing. They learn to play beach volleyball, go bowling and see movies. In short, they reengage with the fun that a sober lifestyle offers by enjoying fun and safe activities.

In addition to these active pursuits, 12 Keys Rehab also provides a wealth of opportunity for professional, executive and celebrity clients to relax and reflect on their life choices. Clients swim in our large on-property pool and fish off our dock. They read on our decks and porches and benches. They eat chef-prepared meals and rest in comfortable, many in private and semi private bedrooms. Quite simply, we believe that clients who discover a wonderful new hobby have an easier time living soberly outside rehab.

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Explore 12 Keys and discover what sets us apart from every other alcohol and drug rehab in the United States today. Let us show you how you or your loved one can live a sober, fun and productive lifestyle with help from the 12 Keys counseling staff today.

Content last reviewed: Septemeber 16, 2016

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