What Does Alcohol Actually Do To Our Bodies? [Video Graphic]

alcohol-dangers-excerptDo you know what happens to your body and brain after having 1-2 drinks?

How about 3-5 or 6+?

Many are unaware of the risks we run as our drink totals tally up during the night. We know drinking in moderation is the key to a safe night out, and even a glass of wine every now and then offers cardiovascular benefits.

But how many of us know that our immune systems get worn down from excessive drinking or that just after two drinks our psychological process delays? Men who consume five drinks or more within a two hour period and women who consumer four are creating serious bodily vulnerabilities such as:

  • Severe Injuries (car crashes, bar fights, falls)
  • Liver disease (and increased chance of liver cancer)
  • Neurological damage (elongated delays and slowed psychological processes)
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Decreased heart-rate
  • Trouble breathing
  • No gag reflex

There are many potential dangers and the risks get worse as the drinks increase within a short time frame. Learn more about what alcohol actually does to our bodies in the video below:

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