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What Are The Types of Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug that has been pretty quietly sweeping the nation to become of the leading sources of overdoses in the past few years. As of right now, the drug stands as mostly unregulated, legal, and sold at a majority of bodegas and gas stations.

According to news articles, police reports, and hospital records, synthetic marijuana is quickly becoming the favored drug of choice for the homeless population, and for underprivileged or disadvantaged Americans because it is so cheap, so accessible and completely legal.

Where Did Synthetic Marijuana Come From?

In 1984, John W. Huffman, a Clemson University researcher started investigating synthetic alternatives to over 500 different cannabinoids on a government grant. These cannabinoids were meant to be replicas of the active ingredient that was found in marijuana. One of the researchers on the team came up with the chemical compound later called JWH -018, named after Huffman, and in a short time, the chemical started to show up on the shelves of head shops around Europe being sold as incense.

What You Should Know About Scopolamine Abuse

Scopolamine isn’t really a drug that has yet become a household name in the United States, but its effects and increasing abuse rates have begun to start catching people’s attention. For the most part, the drug has been used as a post-surgery medication that alleviates nausea, but it is also often used in divers, fisherman, and cruise workers to aid in motion sickness.

However, Scopolamine has recently become a dangerous drug for many reasons. The first is that people are taking it as a party drug. The second is that it is quickly becoming a date rape drug.

So What Exactly Is Scopolamine?

In its intended form, Scopolamine is a drug used my medical providers after invasive surgery or when a patient gets put under via anesthesia. Many people experience extreme nausea and vomiting due to the medications from the anesthesia, so Scopolamine is used as a deterrent to those side effects.

What is EMDR Therapy?

For a long time, trauma therapy was something that sort of baffled and challenged doctors and psychologists around the world. Research has been extensive on the topic since the 1800’s in France, but during the World War’s, trauma became something taboo, that just wasn’t really discussed much. Luckily, in the time since then, there has been A LOT of headway made in the fight against trauma, and one of the methods that have been discovered to be the most helpful is EMDR Therapy.

The name can be tricky, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, so for now, we will just stick with EMDR.

What is EMDR?

Overall, EMDR therapy is one of the most effective trauma therapies discovered so far. The major belief as to why it is so effective is that it uses the idea that rapid eye movement, most commonly presented during stress or high anxiety situations, can lead the brain to a place of healing around a certain memory or trauma.

What Are Stimulants Most Commonly Abused

Did you know that over half a million Americans receive treatment for stimulant abuse every year? In our society, stimulants have long been hailed as somewhat of a “wonder drug.” We use them to get good grades, to keep the kids calm, to help give mom that extra boost, and to aid in our ever-present battle with weight loss.

Despite all of the reasons why these drugs are so widely accepted, stimulant abuse has continued to increase and these drugs have since become one of the most widely prescribed, and widely abused medications in the United States.

Stimulants Everywhere!

If we really stop and think about it, a vast majority of Americans are addicted to stimulants in one way or another. Whether it be in pill form, or in our coffee or cigarettes, we are a country built on doing more, working more and being better.

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