Helpful Apps for Addiction Recovery

A big part of sticking with your recovery from an addiction is having support from family, friends and sponsors, going to and participating in meetings, and keeping triggers at bay. You also have to maintain your well-being by exercising and eating a healthy diet. These are all the main elements of thriving in our society today, especially when you’re recovering from an addiction.

Today, another helpful addiction recovery tool is emerging. A growing trend of use among people who are recovering from an addiction is smartphone addiction recovery apps. Mobile applications for addiction recovery including clever elements that make it easier for you to find support, manage triggers, benefit from daily inspiration, monitor and track your recovery, and so much more.

Smartphone apps for addiction recovery have become a huge addition to the current and upcoming health-related apps providing people with immediate access to information and support relating to their condition.

Relapse: What You Need to Know and Do

If you care about someone who was once addicted to drugs or alcohol, you probably already worry about relapse. What will happen if he or she suffers a relapse after rehab?

As a non-addicted person, it might also be extremely difficult for you to understand why people relapse on drugs or alcohol after finally getting sober. After all, your loved one spent so much time and effort beating addiction — why do people relapse on drugs or alcohol after working so hard at getting sober?

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The answers are complex. Addiction is a chronic disease that causes serious, long-lasting physiological, emotional and behavioral problems. It is also a condition that usually requires a commitment to lifelong care. Even the most successful-looking people who were once addicted and have been sober for years can return to chronic substance abuse.

If someone you love is in danger of returning to an addictive lifestyle, here is what you need to know, including how to handle a drug or alcohol relapse.

Hyperarousal Symptoms of PTSD

When you’ve been through a particularly harrowing experience, it can be difficult to move forward without help. According to PTSD United, 70 percent of U.S. adults have been through some form of traumatic event in their lives. In numerical terms, this is around 223.4 million people. Of this number, as many as 20 percent go on to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That’s around 44.7 million individuals who have been or who are struggling with PTSD.

hyperarousal symptoms of ptsd

In this article, we look at some of the most pronounced symptoms of the condition, as well as how to manage and overcome them. Here at 12 Keys Rehab, we can help you make sense of PTSD. Together, we can find a way forward so you can manage your symptoms and enjoy life again.

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What Is Hyperarousal?

One of the most debilitating and major symptoms of PTSD is hyperarousal.

Increased Digital Use and Mental Health: Pros and Cons

The relationship, both positive and detrimental, between digital use and mental health is increasingly being examined. On the positive side, technology is now making it easier for healthcare professionals to collect wellness data and provide mental health support. Mobile devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets are not only providing physicians and researchers new ways to monitor progress, access help and enhance mental well-being, but they also provide these opportunities to you.

On the other hand, increased digital use can have a potentially detrimental mental health impact on you, particularly in areas of reduced social skills, increased cyber bullying and heightened isolation. When you use technology in excess, it can result in obesity, depression, sleep disruptions and more.

Social media has increased the sense of belonging for some, kept families separated by miles and oceans connected and has opened the perspectives of many.

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