Can a Drinking Rehab Cure Me of My Cravings?

One of the characteristics of the disease of alcoholism is the cravings created by the disease. Anyone who is dependent on alcohol gets the craving to drink each and every day, and is often the roadblock in achieving long-term sobriety.

The question asked by many who are seeking recovery deals specifically with those cravings—can a drinking rehab cure me of my cravings?

The short answer is no, however, that answer comes with a caveat. The disease of alcoholism has no cure, however, the cravings can be dealt with by using a series of action steps.

12 Keys Rehab is a drinking rehab that fully understands the temptations and cravings felt by its clients—all of the staff members, including counselors and therapists—are recovering alcoholics and addicts themselves. They all dealt with the same feelings early in their own recovery, and through their experience, strength and hope, they share with their clients the tools and resources that will help them deal with the cravings in a positive manner.

Addiction Treatment: Personalized Attention With a Caring Counselor

The 12 Keys Difference is a staple of five major components in the addiction treatment plan at 12 Keys Rehab, encompassing real recovery, non-hospital setting, practical approach, outside fun and personalized attention.

It’s the personalized attention that helps set 12 Keys Rehab apart from many other treatment programs in Florida. 12 Keys employs a staff of 25 dedicated employees, including six counselors and therapists, all of whom are licensed in substance abuse treatment, social work and/or addiction therapies. Since 12 Keys Rehab maintains a census of a very limited number of clients, each client receives a personalized level of care not often found in other drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Once a client has been assessed and evaluated at 12 Keys Rehab, they are assigned to a counselor who will meet with them regularly. Their addiction treatment plan will consist of ongoing therapy sessions, where clients can discuss with their counselors the various actions and behaviors which may have led to their drug or alcohol abuse, the tools and resources that can be used when temptation sets in, and ongoing after rehab treatment options after the client has completed in-patient treatment.

Finally Seeing the Light in Alcohol Treatment

For anyone who is struggling with alcohol addiction, the very thought of living life without alcohol for even one day is a scary proposition. Many have used alcohol to feel better about themselves, or to mask other feelings they’re trying to suppress. Living life without their magic elixir doesn’t seem possible.

However, at some point, alcohol stops working. No matter how much they try to drink, the pain is still there, and the feelings they’re trying to suppress won’t disappear. Alcohol is no longer their friend.

Alcohol treatment at 12 Keys Rehab begins when the client is ready and willing to try a new way of life—a way of life that works.

12 Keys Rehab is a rehab in Florida that has a dedicated staff of counselors and therapists who are also recovering alcoholics and addicts—they know full-well what it takes to stay sober on a daily basis.

Addiction Takes No Breaks, Why Should a Drug Rehab Facility?

For any addict that has achieved long-term recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, they know how hard their addiction works to constantly try and destroy their lives. For them, it doesn’t matter how long they have remained sober, they only know that if they become complacent in their recovery even for just a few minutes, their addiction will work to attack once again.

12 Keys Rehab is a drug rehab facility that fully understands how the disease of addiction works to destroy lives at a moment’s notice. As a leading Florida drug rehab center, 12 Keys has developed a full suite of treatment options for its clients that doesn’t just educate them about addiction, but gives them a complete set of tools and resources necessary to fight their addiction each and every day.

Addiction is a disease for which there is no cure.

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