Tips for Raising Drug-Free Kids – Middle School

It’s time for your child to enter middle school, and you’ve been preparing for this milestone for years. Preschool, kindergarten and elementary school are in the past, and it’s time for a new adventure. You’re aware that kids go through so many changes during this period – not only do they begin to deal with hormonal changes, but they will also have to contend with peer pressure – including the pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

To keep your child drug-free while they’re in middle school, you’ll need to be there for them in their time of vulnerability – especially to drugs and alcohol.

As part two in our five-part series on “Tips for Raising Drug-Free Kids,” below we’ve provided some practical tips for you to apply during your child’s middle school years. We’ll start by offering some drug abuse statistics for youth.

Tips for Raising Drug-Free Kids — Elementary School

If you’re wondering how to raise a drug-free kid, you’re not alone. Nearly all parents have the same concern, especially today when drug addiction is so prevalent. Parents are the number one reason why kids don’t do drugs though, according to Informed Families. You have an immense role in setting an example they’ll follow.

You’ve likely heard of Red Ribbon Week if you have a school-aged child. The nationwide campaign works to guide kids away from alcohol and drugs. However, the developing strength and skills needed for children to take a stand against drug use starts at home, long before they even get to school. And, raising a drug-free kid can never start too soon.

Below are tips for raising drug-free kids starting from their early years, representing part one in our five-part series on “Tips for Raising Drug-Free Kids.”

The Importance of Prevention

Children who don’t use tobacco, drugs and alcohol do so largely because of the positive influence their parents have on them and because they want to avoid disappointing their parents.

How Life Changes After Rehab

You did it. You finished rehab. As you walk through the doors to your ride waiting by the curb, you wonder what your life will look like after drug or alcohol rehab.

What to expect after rehab may be different for everyone. There are some wonderful things to look forward to, and there are some challenges — but these aren’t necessarily the same hard challenges you faced during rehab or before you decided to get help for your addiction.

how life changes after rehab

No matter what, life after rehab is a time of growth and personal development that gives you a fresh start on life.

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Planning for Re-Entry

Life after rehab actually begins while you’re still at your rehab center. Before leaving, a counselor will meet with you and review many of the important things you’ll need to do once you leave rehab. This may include:

  • Finding local NA, AA or other 12-step meetings
  • Making follow-up appointments with physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and others to continue therapy and medication
  • Finding a new place to live or a new job
  • Returning to school
  • Other steps leading you back along the road to recovery

A written action or aftercare plan can be helpful and take some of the feelings of being overwhelmed out of your discharge plan.

One of the Best Cities for Recovering Addicts

It may seem strange to think about the best cities for recovering addicts when all you want to do is get well again. As you’re thinking about where to go for treatment, consider the best cities for sober living and recovery. While you can recover successfully anywhere, these cities can make it more enjoyable and easier to continue in recovery after rehab.

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Why Travel to Recovery?

No matter where you live in the United States, chances are good that there’s a recovery center near your city or town. 12-step meetings are held in churches, hospitals and other meeting places throughout the nation, by telephone and online. You can recover successfully no matter where you live. So why consider traveling to one of the best cities for recovery?

Although your recovery program will address how to live a happy, sober lifestyle back home again with family and friends, while you are in the early stages of recovery, living in a new environment can be helpful.

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