How World Events Impact the Illegal Drug Market

drug market

It’s hard to grasp how world events impact the illegal drug market. After all, illegal drugs seem so personal. They affect you or someone you know and love. You see their impact every day. Drugs may seem local, but many of the street drugs found today are a commodity traded on world markets. It’s just that these markets are underground, illegal and, yes, dangerous.

World events shape the economics of most industries. A drought in one country may lead to famine in another or higher prices for grain or livestock. A natural disaster such as a hurricane can destroy ports and reduce fishing. Wars can impact trade between nations.

The same changes that shape the markets for grain, livestock, oil and other natural resources also shape the markets for illegal drugs. A change or disaster in one country can impact the entire world market.

Alcohol Is the Deadliest Drug

For centuries, alcohol has been widely used in many cultures, including in the United States. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance, and because it has properties that produce dependence, it can be dangerous on a number of fronts. Alcohol-use disorder can cause a huge social, economic and disease burden in societies.

Why Alcohol Is the Most Dangerous Drug

Many types of drugs are very dangerous. Crack, heroin and crystal meth can all harm you in various ways that can pose health risks. However almost 87 percent of U.S. citizens will drink alcohol at some point in their lives, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Especially with its widespread consumption, alcohol can pose just as great of a risk as other drugs, but the dangers and destructive effects of alcohol are often placed second after drugs.

Almost 87% of U.S. citizens will drink alcohol at some point in their lives.

Ads and media surround you with a message that alcohol is sexy, harmless, fun and desirable.

One of the Most Dangerous Drugs: N-Bomb

A powerful synthetic hallucinogen, N-bomb is used as an alternative to mescaline or LSD. While this is a relatively new drug without extensive studies on it, what we do know about it is alarming. Read on to learn more about the drug, including how it’s made, its effects and dangers.

What Is N-Bomb Drug?

While its proper name is “N-BOMe”, it’s also called “Smiles,” “Dime,” “Solaris,” “Legal Acid,” “GNOME” and “New Nexus.” The drug has several variations, but the most popular is 251-NBOMe, often called “251” for short.

N-bomb is either in powder or liquid form. Often, people take the liquid form and soak it into blotter paper. Because it has a strong metallic taste, many makers add a mint or fruit flavoring to make it more palatable.

What Are the Effects of N-Bomb?

While it doesn’t have any effect if swallowed, it causes a powerful high when absorbed under the tongue.

Learning How to Embrace and Deal With Emotions in Recovery

Emotions are the powerful force that make watching a sunrise or experiencing art moving and memorable. They add the warm fuzzy feeling to a mother’s hug and create the calm in petting a puppy that bonds you to that animal. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the positive side of emotions.

There are also emotions that can be dark and scary. Some emotions create that empty feeling inside that you believe nothing could ever fill. Negative emotions can erode your sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life and move you to paralysis. It is these emotions that many people fighting addiction are hiding from.

Addiction often develops because substances are used to mask emotions. This may be a conscious or unconscious choice, but the result is similar. That euphoric feeling, the extreme elation over nothing at all, the departure from reality that you experience while taking drugs can keep you from dealing with the real emotions of your life.

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