Depressants vs. Stimulants: Which Is More Dangerous?

Drugs can be grouped into two different groups: depressants and stimulants. Depressants, which are often referred to as downers, slow down your nervous system activity. Prescription depressants may be given to people with anxiety or sleep issues. Alcohol is also a depressant, but it carries its own side effects and is used so widely that it’s generally not included in the “depressants” category.

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Stimulants, or uppers, stimulate your brain and other parts of the body. They essentially have the opposite effect as depressants. Both types of drugs are powerfully addictive, and users can build up a tolerance to them quickly.

People often wonder which type of drug is more dangerous. Let’s take a look at the impact these two categories of drugs can have on your body.

The Effect of Depressants on the Body

Depressants can come in liquid or tablet form.

The Importance of Private Addiction Rehab

When you’re in rehab, your anonymity is important. So, too, is the anonymity of the others you’re in rehab with or attend group sessions with. The importance of anonymity in rehab is a principal foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous, hence the name.

Why is anonymity important to recovery? How can you ensure you protect the anonymity of others in recovery?

Why Anonymity and Rehab Go Hand in Hand

Anonymity is important to recovery because:

It Ensures Everyone in the Recovery Group Is on Equal Terms

When you’re in treatment, whether it’s a long-term stay in a private addiction rehab or attending regular AA meetings, you need to feel comfortable in your environment. You need to feel as if you belong in the group.

If you find out one of the members of the group is a CEO of a major corporation, for example, you may be intimidated.

What You Must Know About Sisa


As the economy of a country rises and falls, so does its preferences for street drugs. More expensive drugs give way to cheap substitutes, especially among hardcore addicts and street people. Such is the case in Athens, where a new drug is decimating the poor and killing young people without mercy.

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Sisa, also called the “drug of the poor” in Greece, offers users a temporary respite from grinding poverty, but at the cost of their health – and their lives. Although sisa seems not to have entered the United States yet, in today’s global village, it may only be a matter of time before sisa crosses the ocean to infiltrate America’s cities. Here’s what you need to know about sisa, and how to help someone abusing sisa or its elder cousin, methamphetamine.

Here’s what you should know about sisa, a new drug in Greece that is dangerous and a potential threat in the United States.

Setting Realistic Goals in Addiction Recovery

The first weeks of sobriety after getting clean can be a whirlwind of confusion. You’re expected to juggle family, work and friends again, while avoiding the old traps that helped lead to addiction in the first place. That kind of stress can be nerve-wracking, especially when feelings of anxiety or depression from prolonged stress often contribute to the start of substance abuse.

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However, being able to set realistic goals for yourself in addiction recovery allows you to ground yourself in rational thinking. You can create a structured system to help you stay sober and continue building healthy skills.

What Are Smart Goals in Addiction Recovery?

People have probably been telling you to set goals and stick to them your whole life. From teachers who insist on completing higher education as a goal to coaches who encourage you to up your scoring percentage, you’ve probably had your fair share of goals thrust upon you — and you’ve likely even achieved some of them.

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