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You might be one of the many people hesitant to pick up the phone and call. We completely understand. and because of that, we have designed our entire process around putting your mind at ease. The sole purpose of our Free Consultation is to cover all of the details most important to you and give you the confidence you need to rest easy, knowing that EVERYTHING will be taken care of.

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As the premier treatment center in Florida, we believe that your situation & your needs are unique, and so your treatment plan should be too. That's why our experienced admissions counselor will personally guide you through our proven process & help you build a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made treatment plan, designed for the most successful path to recovery.

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When you give us a call, you'll be treated to a conceirge like experience with an experienced expert who will guide you throughout the entire process. On top of providing all of the information most important to you and creating the best treatment plan for you, we will do all the work with your insurance company to guarantee the most affordable, hassle free treatment experience.

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Why Our Tailor-Made Treatment Works

At JourneyPure, we believe treating the entire patient, not just their addiction, leads to the safest & most effective recovery.

As proven experts, we know that substance abuse problems are rarely unaccompanied without co-occuring disorders. Because of this, we focus on treating every related issue that patients & their families face, in addition to any substance abuse problems.

Whatever You, or Your Loved One, Are Suffering From - Our Track Record Proves We Know How to Help.

The Journey Pure Promise: A New Gold Standard for Treatment that Works

  • Conduct ourselves with the highest human standards, far beyond clinical ethics.
  • Personally advocate for those suffering in silence
  • Become a lifelong partner with you & your family in your recovery for life
  • Provide you with the tools & support you need to maintain sobriety.
  • Utilize the most advanced, evidence-based practices that produce the best outcome

Proof of Our Purpose

"[JourneyPure] walks you through the early stages of sobriety and helps you build a strong foundation. The after-care options they offer help you transition back into the real world while still retaining accountability. I highly recommend that anyone suffering from addiction or alcoholism give [JourneyPure] a shot. If you 're ready for true change, this is the place to start!"


We Accept All Major Health Insurance

So Finances Won't Stand In the Way of Health & Happiness

Our Dedicated Team Will Handle All of the Details With Your Insurance Company So You Don't Have To!

Even If You Don't See Your Insurance - Give us a Call for A Free Benefits Check to Find Out How Little You'll Pay for Treatment.

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We Combine A Variety of Treatment Options With Beautiful Setting for Healing

  • Compassionate & Medically Monitored Detox
  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Family Programming
  • Professionals Program
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Evidence-Based Therapeutic Modalities
  • Yoga & Other Wellness Enhancing Treatments
  • Specialized Nutrition & Fitness
  • Expressive Songwriting Workshops
  • Outdoor Challenges & Recreational Activities
  • Wilderness & Adventure Therapy
  • Team-Building Activities
  • Equine Therapy

JourneyPure offers the safest & most successful path for a lifelong recovery because we provide sobriety coaching for an entire year, post treatment, at no additional cost. Our JourneyPure Coaching App is just one of the many tools we provide our clients to lead a rewarding life of lifelong sobriety.

Whatever it is that you, or your loved one, are suffering from - we know how to help. Here are a few of the most common issues we successful treat.

  • Drug & Alcohol Addictions
  • Heroin & Opiates Abuse
  • Marijuana, Methamphetaimines, Ecstasy, MDMA & Cocaine Addictions
  • Benzodiaepine & Other Prescription Dependencies
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Bi-Polar & Other Mood Disorders
  • PTSD & Life Traumas

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