Can a Drinking Rehab Cure Me of My Cravings?

One of the characteristics of the disease of alcoholism is the cravings created by the disease. Anyone who is dependent on alcohol gets the craving to drink each and every day, and is often the roadblock in achieving long-term sobriety.

The question asked by many who are seeking recovery deals specifically with those cravings—can a drinking rehab cure me of my cravings?

The short answer is no, however, that answer comes with a caveat. The disease of alcoholism has no cure, however, the cravings can be dealt with by using a series of action steps.

12 Keys Rehab is a drinking rehab that fully understands the temptations and cravings felt by its clients—all of the staff members, including counselors and therapists—are recovering alcoholics and addicts themselves. They all dealt with the same feelings early in their own recovery, and through their experience, strength and hope, they share with their clients the tools and resources that will help them deal with the cravings in a positive manner.

12 Keys is a Florida rehabilitation center that offers clients an alcohol treatment program that is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous—a set of action steps that have helped millions of alcoholics achieve a life of long-term sobriety. The 12 Steps offer clients at 12 Keys a blueprint for life, and combined with other treatment options, each client can deal with any obstacle that they face in recovery, including cravings and temptations.

Cravings at times for any alcoholic can be powerful, and for an alcoholic new in recovery, cravings can oftentimes cause a relapse. 12 Keys Rehab teaches its clients a variety of steps to take when faced with cravings so that they can successfully fight against them. As each day passes in recovery, the cravings eventually subside, but the disease of alcoholism is powerful, and at times, clients can be faced with situations in life later in recovery that can also trigger temptations and cravings. With the tools and resources given to them by 12 Keys Rehab, they can fight cravings whenever they appear.

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