Can addiction treatment centers like 12 Palms teach me how to cope?

Oftentimes, people struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol use their substance of choice as a way to cope with their lives. They literally medicate themselves so that they don’t have to deal with life situations that cause them stress.

When presented with the thought of abstaining from their drug of choice, the first thought that often comes to their minds is, “How will I cope with my life without drugs or alcohol?”
Addiction treatment centers across the country have long dealt with this issue. It’s easy to show an addict or alcoholic how to stay away from a drink or a drug—it’s another thing entirely to show them how to cope with life without them.

At 12 Keys Rehab, addicts and alcoholics don’t just learn how to stay clean and sober, they are given the tools and resources that will help them how to cope with everyday life. Clients at 12 Keys engage in a variety of treatment modalities that are specifically designed to help them learn how to handle situations in life without thinking about medicating themselves. A design for living that works is the goal at 12 Keys.

Some addiction treatment centers will try to teach their clients how to stay clean and sober simply by giving them books to read and send them on their way. 12 Keys believes in being proactive—they walk each client through their feelings and fears with a series of treatment modalities that show them how to use various tools that can guide them through stressful situations without the thought of turning back to their drug of choice. It’s about learning to confront situations head-on rather than walking away from them.

12 Keys Rehab is a substance abuse rehabilitation center that firmly believes that life is meant to be embraced and enjoyed, and not just learning to cope. With its comprehensive suite of treatment options, clients at 12 Keys learn not just how to cope with life, but how to live life to its fullest.

12 Keys has become one of the leading addiction treatment centers in the country because of its ability to show clients how good their life can be when they learn to use all of the tools and resources available to them. It’s not just about coping with life, it’s about enjoying a life beyond their wildest dreams.

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