Can I Achieve Long-Term Recovery Even With a Dual Diagnosis?

On its own, drug or alcohol addiction is debilitating and can often lead to devastating results. For some, it’s even more daunting when dealing with a dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis occurs when an addict is also afflicted with a mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and other personality disorders. In some cases, the mental disorder causes the addiction, leading people to use drugs or alcohol as a means of medication to feel better. Other times, the addiction itself leads a person to experience mental disorders.

At 12 Keys Rehab, dual diagnosis clients are offered a complete set of treatment options designed to deal with the emotional and mental conditions that may have led to their addiction or further exasperated by their addiction. 12 Keys employs a dedicated staff of certified addiction counselors and medical professionals who are well qualified to meet the needs of dual diagnosis clients.

Staff at 12 Keys work with each dual diagnosis client to determine the exact nature of their mental disorder and will formulate a treatment plan that treats their mental disorder along with the addiction. Through counseling, therapy sessions and through medication if required, clients at 12 Keys Rehab can achieve long-term recovery despite their dual diagnosis.

When clients are ready to leave 12 Keys, the medical staff will formulate a long-term recovery plan that meets their emotional and mental needs. Each client is encouraged to follow that plan, take regular medication if necessary to deal with their mental disorder, and follow the plan of recovery through regular AA meetings, meeting with their sponsor, ongoing outpatient therapy and other options as outlined by the 12 Keys staff.

As a leading Florida rehabilitation center, 12 Keys Rehab believes that each client can live a meaningful life in recovery despite having a dual diagnosis. With proper treatment, an ongoing plan to treat both the disorder and addiction and a support network of other caring addicts in recovery, dual diagnosis clients can live a life with purpose, meaning and direction.

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