4 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day 2016

World Mental Health Day is today, October 10th. This is a time to engage in a worldwide conversation about mental health issues, how they’re affecting lives across the globe and what can be done about them.

Mental health treatment is a key component of 12 Keys’ rehab program, and we believe getting the right mental health care starts with awareness. In that spirit, here are four ways you can acknowledge Mental Health Day and help spread the word about issues people are silently facing every day:

1. Get Social

Follow the World Health Organization’s Facebook page and share their posts through social media. You’re likely already posting on social media for other special days. Why not add this one? If enough people start talking about mental health day on social media, you’ll see it become a trending topic.

2. Write a Blog Post

Many people have the wrong idea about what mental illness is. Do you deal with depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues? World Mental Health Day may be a good time to write a blog post about it and share it on your social media profiles.

Talk about how you deal with your issues and remind readers you’re just like anyone else who has any other kind of illness. It’s good for people to see there are many others dealing with mental health issues, and that mental illness is often invisible to the outside party.

3. Share News Stories

Find news stories related to World Mental Health Day or mental health in general so you can spread the word about the day and what people can do to help. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Google Alert so you can be made aware of new content on the subject. Encourage other people to share their stories, too. You may even want to have a brief overview of what problems related to mental health you think are going on in your local area.

4. Share Resources

Share resources people can use to talk to someone if they are having mental health problems. Be sure to include links to resources in every post you make whether it’s an article, image, news piece or blog post. You just might point someone toward a life-saving resource they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

If you’re in the United States and aren’t sure where to start, send people to The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They have several resources for people who want learn more about mental health issues, find support for themselves or a loved one, or get involved with various mental health initiatives.

Contact 12 Keys Rehab

Mental Awareness Day 2016 is important for everyone to know about, especially if you’re struggling with addiction. At 12 Keys, we celebrate World Mental Health Day in an effort to raise awareness and encourage more people to reach out for help whether they need it for themselves or their loved ones. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and could use the help of compassionate mental health professionals, contact the caring experts of 12 Keys today!

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