How to Choose New Friends After Rehab

One of the biggest worries for recovering individuals approaching a newly sober lifestyle is how to spend free time. Even your favorite hobbies are more fun with good friends. But when the good friends of the past can’t be a part of a sober future, choosing new companions is a necessity.


Choose Friends Who Share Your Struggles

As a recovering addict, you’ve spent a lot of time recently with people who understand exactly what it’s like to manage withdrawal, rebuild challenged family relationships and recover a sense of stability. Who better to share your vulnerable feelings with? See a movie, get a cup of coffee after a meeting, have her over for dinner — whatever you might like to do together where you’ll both feel comfortable. As you regain your confidence, you’ll feel more comfortable making friends who aren’t recovering addicts.

Choose Friends Who Share Your Interests

Do you like hiking? How about skiing or ice skating? Maybe you love modern art, or vintage fashion is your thing. Whatever you loved to do before addiction took over your life, it’s time to get it back. Join a local club, or take some lessons. Now is the time to learn that special skill you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time. What better way to start a brand new life than with a brand new hobby?

Choose Friends Who Share Your (Sober) Past

Remember your best friend from high school? Maybe he just got back in town and he could use a friendly face. Think back to your sober days and get in touch with that special friend you always regret losing touch with. You could be reaching out at the perfect time.

Choose Family

Blood is thicker than water, and when it comes to staying sober, your family may be an invaluable resource. Now might be the perfect time to spend extra time with your mom, or maybe it’s time to make amends with your brother. For better or worse, your family knows your history — and they’ll likely love you, no matter what.

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