Components to a Successful Recovery

Many elements are involved in a successful recovery from drug addiction. Each of these steps leads the addicted person closer to a life that does not involve any kind of drug abuse at all. While the components are not necessarily easy, they are made easier with the help of a professional rehab specialist and team.

In this article, we’ll examine several paths that lead to successful recovery from drug addiction.

8 Successful Addiction Recovery Components

1: The drug addict must want to get help.

This is probably the most important element involved in any successful recovery, whether the individual is recovering from drugs, alcohol, gambling or another addiction; wanting to get better makes it more likely that the recovering addict will work hard at abstinence.

2: The drug addict should have support.

Support can come from a number of sources, including medical and addiction specialists. However, nothing compares with the support of loved ones, whether a spouse, parents, friends, neighbors or coworkers. It only takes one person to provide this support.

3: The drug addict should seek treatment that has worked for others.

Many drug addicts try to “go it alone” when it comes to their sobriety, only to relapse. While relapsing happens on a regular basis to most addicts, it can be tougher to come back from a relapse without the direction of and guidance from a rehab center professional.

4: The drug addict should be willing to admit mistakes and forgive him- or herself.

Yes, forgiveness of oneself can be tough. So can admitting to the mistakes that were made while under the influence of prescription, over-the-counter or illegal drugs. But it’s a critical step in recovery.

5: The drug addict should recognize that recovery is a process, not a destination.

Wanting to get out from under the influence of drugs and alcohol quickly is understandable, but true sobriety is not a destination. Instead, it’s a lifetime journey that must be taken one day at a time. There will be setbacks and accomplishments — this is part of the road ahead. The drug addict must be ready for this road so he or she can navigate it wisely.

6: The drug addict should be open to helping others.

Successful recovery from drug addiction often involves making oneself available to help other drug addicts. It can be quite cathartic to become a role model and supporter for those who need sponsorship and wisdom.

7: The drug addict should be willing to avoid situations that could lead to relapses.

Many times, relapsing is a result of the addict going back to the same environment and social forum that led to his or her addiction in the first place. Those who have recovered are committed to refuse the temptation to enter into toxic relationships or situations.

8: The drug addict should be committed to long-term therapy.

Therapy can provide a wonderful foundation for the drug addict who is serious about recovery. Working with a therapist can promote positive choices that lead away from addiction.

Never forget that a successful recovery from drug addiction is always possible. There IS hope!

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