Dealing With the Disappointment of Multiple Relapse

Non-stop Addiction Spanned for Decades

It was the first time in years that we had hope. It had been a rocky four weeks since my brother-in-law got out of jail on drug-related theft charges. And, for the first time, it was him who suggested that he needed help to combat a non-stop addiction that has now spanned decades.

He checked himself into a highly respected recovery center in New York. Cautiously, we were feeling optimistic; he seemingly was embracing the program and following a few weeks of treatment, they set him up in halfway house. It had strict rules, oversight, mandatory drug testing and of course, a zero tolerance policy regarding drug use. In addition to a warm bed and a safe room over his head, counselors worked with him to help find a skill he could apply to a steady job, or even better, a career.

Each tenant was assigned a house duty. He was placed in charge of the kitchen — perfect, we thought, he’s always liked to cook, and this could be something he could focus on. Who knows, it could even ignite a passion to give him the hope and motivation he would need to finally turn his life around.

The World of Drugs and Desperation

Our optimism was shattered in an instant. The phone call we dreaded (but have come to expect) came just a few days ago. He was kicked out of the house for a failed drug test. Again.

Or course he gave the usual excuses — it was just once — someone ratted him out, etc. None of which made every difference. So again, we’re back to worrying about an even worse phone call every night when we go to bed. Where will he sleep? What will he eat? Will he survive the night in a world of drugs and desperation?

For many families, like ours, the disappointment from relapse, especially multiple times, is difficult to deal with. Years of lies, broken promises, and false hope can make you want to give up sews doubt that a recovery program can ever be effective.

A Rehab Program that Works, and a Staff that Cares

The professionals at 12 Keys understand the difficulty multiple drug or alcohol relapses can have on a family. Like any chronic disease, relapses from drug and alcohol abuse can be emotionally trying. The caring counselors specialise in treating multiple relapses, and can provide support,hope, and coping tools for families struggling to deal with the difficulties of addiction. Call today to learn more about how they can help.

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