Drug and alcohol treatment centers: Fighting for their clients

Drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country are in business to help their clients achieve a life in recovery. But how many of those drug and alcohol treatment centers act more like a business than as a facility that believes in fighting for it clients?

Many substance abuse rehabs, including Florida rehab facilities, are equipped with all of the finest amenities and serve to pamper their clients while they are attempting to recover from drug or alcohol abuse. While the idea of a five-star rehab in South Florida may sound appealing, it’s not the amenities and well-appointed atmosphere of the facility that will help clients achieve quality sobriety.

12 Keys Rehab is a rehab in Florida that believes that each client deserves a fighting chance, and their dedicated staff of counselors, therapists and technicians are completely dedicated to the successful recovery of each and every client.

12 Keys has worked diligently to provide an atmosphere for its clients that is comfortable, secure and serene. Not only will clients be well provided for at 12 Keys, but they will also be cared for by a staff that is fully invested in the well-being of each and every client. 12 Keys employs a staff of 25 caring individuals, including six full-time counselors and therapists. With a census of approximately 25 clients, it guarantees that each client is fully attended to and not ever feeling like they’ve been left behind.

The owners and staff at 12 Keys Rehab doesn’t look at their facility like a business, with a constant need to turn over clients in order to maximize profits. Rather, 12 Keys is a Florida rehab that invests itself in each and every client to give them the best chance at achieving a long-term and fulfilling life in recovery.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers that offer what they call five-star service will no doubt profess their success rates and ability to help their clients. At 12 Keys Rehab, it’s not just about offering a facility that is well-appointed—it’s about giving its clients the best chance at a quality life in sobriety by investing time and resources to ensure that each of its clients has a fighting chance, no matter what it takes.

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