Drug Residential Treatment: How Long Do I Need to Stay?

One of the most common questions asked about drug residential treatment is the length of stay that is required.

While many drug rehabilitation centers have a rigid program that adheres to a set schedule, 12 Keys Rehab is a drug residential treatment program where the length of stay is dependent upon several different factors.

Each client at 12 Keys Rehab is immediately assessed and evaluated upon their admission. Their counselor determines their length of stay based on a treatment program that is consistent with their own particular situation, and each client is given the opportunity to recover in an amount of time that allows them to fully grasp all of the tools and resources needed to continue their recovery after their time in treatment has ended.

Each addict is unique in terms of their specific substance abuse, length of time abusing that substance, and many other emotional, mental and psychological disorders that can also be present along with the addiction. As such, 12 Keys Rehab believes that the treatment plan given to each client should be unique as well, dealing with their own specific issues and addiction.

In addition, each client at 12 Keys Rehab is given a specific plan for after rehab care as well. When their time at the inpatient facility has ended, counselors at 12 Keys will have a plan in place for each client which can involve an approved halfway house for ongoing treatment, outpatient therapy, ongoing treatment for emotional and mental disorders, and a complete schedule of meetings that each client are highly recommended to attend on a regular basis.

12 Keys Rehab will not ever put time limits on its clients. No client will ever leave 12 Keys until the counselors and therapist believe that they are ready. It really is that simple.

At 12 Keys Rehab, no client is ever left behind, and no client will ever have to leave until they are properly armed and equipped with the tools and resources needed for a long and happy life in recovery.

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