3 Things You Can Say to Encourage Your Addicted Loved One

While most of us want to support loved ones who are struggling with addiction, we don’t always know what to say. Sometimes we feel as though we can’t be honest. At other times we’re simply at a loss for words.

If you want to know how to encourage a recovering addict, but can’t find the right words, give these simple phrases a try:

“You Have a Lot of Courage.”

Admitting you have a problem isn’t easy. Taking steps to fix that problem can be even more challenging. If someone close to you has entered a rehabilitation program, they have taken a very positive step.

When people enter rehab, they often feel like a failure. They’re so caught up with the mistakes they’ve made that they may have trouble acknowledging anything they’ve done right.

Tell your loved one you respect the step they’ve taken. Acknowledge that seeking help for a problem is brave. Remind them that they’re not a failure — they’re someone working to build a better future for themselves and their family.

“Can We Talk About What Happened?”

People struggling with addictions often treat their loved ones very poorly. They may lie to you or steal to get access to the substance they’re abusing. You may feel frustrated or angry about what was done to you, but you don’t feel like it would be appropriate to bring it up. Because of this, you might bury your feelings and let resentment build up.

It’s okay to ask your loved one to discuss these things with you. Talk about these things in a calm, non-accusatory fashion. If you give your loved one a chance to sincerely apologize, you may begin to fix the problems of the past.

“What Can I Do to Help?”

If your loved one is exiting recovery, you don’t need to offer them specific words of support. Instead, start with letting them know you’re willing to provide any help they need. The counselors at 12 Keys are trained to assist you and your loved one through this process.

Recovery isn’t something that will be over and done with after someone exits rehab. It’s a long and complicated process. Your loved one will be in recovery for their entire lives, even if they’re no longer abusing drugs or alcohol.

Show that you’re willing to take extra steps to make their recovery process easier for them. If they need someone to talk to, let them know you’re there. If they prefer you don’t serve alcohol at your parties, honor their request. People often feel overwhelmed when they exit a rehab program. Do what you can to ease your loved one’s burden.

Call 12 Keys Rehab for the Next Step

There are many ways to offer encouraging words for an addict, but if you’re at a loss for words, try one of the suggestions listed above. Show your loved one you’ll be there for them. They’ll genuinely appreciate your show of support. If you’ve offered all the encouragement you can muster and feel there’s more to be done, contact 12 Keys today to help your loved one take the next step on the road to recovery.

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