Finding Courage in Recovery

People who are trapped in addiction can suffer greatly. Their obsession with alcohol and drugs can lead to the destruction of everything they hold dear. It is usually obvious that their addictive behavior is the source of the misery, but the individual may still be unwilling to change. This is because there is comfort in familiarity and change takes a great deal of courage because it is a step into the unknown. It is vital that people summon up the necessary courage to move forward.

There is no doubt that entering recovery is a courageous move. Change is never easy – even when it means that people are leaving a miserable situation for a much better one. Embracing change during recovery takes courage, because recovery is a process and not an event. Becoming sober is just the first step; there will be plenty more challenges ahead.

Once a substance abuser becomes sober, he or she will be forced to face the wreckage of their past, and this also takes courage. But mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. People can and do move on from the mistakes of the past all the time. Recovering addicts will need to develop the willingness to face life and not try to run away when things get hard. If they fail to do this, they might relapse in order to cope.

At 12 Keys Rehab, we know from personal experience that substance abusers can learn to be more courageous in life. We understand that courage does not mean the absence of fear; it means taking action in spite of the fear. Our individualized rehab programs start with small steps that build self-esteem and confidence. When a substance abuser is ready and willing to accept the help that we offer, they will discover that they do in fact have the courage and inner strength to overcome their fears, so they can make the changes needed to achieve a lasting recovery.

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