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Aderall Addiction Treatment

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Adderall is a prescription stimulant that combines the drugs dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Although Adderall and similar stimulants provide effective pharmacological treatment for focus-related conditions, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, when chronically abused it can cause dependence and addiction. It can also lead to other kinds of substance abuse. Quitting Adderall after a period of abuse or addiction can be extremely challenging, but, with professional help, a full recovery is possible.

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Information About Adderall

Adderall is a legal drug that is used to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. It is also sometimes used to treat depression and obesity on an off-label basis. Although when abused it can produce excitability, when used as directed it works in the central nervous system to calm the brain.

Adderall statistic- 6% of full-time college students have used nonmedically

Over time, the brain builds up a tolerance against the effects of the drug, even in those who take it exactly as prescribed. Taking more becomes necessary to gain the same effects, which ultimately leads to abuse of this drug. Adderall can cause heart problems, reduced appetite, sleep problems and anxiety. It comes in both full and extended-release tablet forms. People who abuse it often chop and snort it, and they can also inject it.

Although Adderall is effective when used exactly as directed under the careful attention of a qualified physician, people who abuse the drug do not, in general, follow the rules necessary to keep safe from abuse and negative side effects. Students often use the drug as a study aid, even though the latest research indicates it is not always effective in those who do not demonstrate symptoms of ADHD. When used to get high, Adderall produces the opposite effects — worsening cognitive skills, memory loss, insomnia (followed by exhaustion) and other effects.

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Addiction Symptoms and Side Effects

If you believe you or someone you care about is addicted to Adderall, you will notice certain symptoms, which may include:

  • Uncomfortable changes in heartbeat
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Changes in sexual function, such as erectile dysfunction or frequent or prolonged erections
  • Jaw clenching
  • Nausea, stomach pain and weight loss associated with lack of appetite
  • Blurred vision
  • Acne
  • Wild mood swings, from excitability to exhaustion
  • Delusions of grandeur
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Hyper-alertness and paranoia
  • Irritability and sometimes violent behavior

Taking too much Adderall can end in overdose and, if not treated, death. Symptoms of overdose include severe excitability, rapid and irregular heartbeat, changes in breathing, fever, kidney failure, brain hemorrhage, circulatory problems, painful urination and psychosis.

Adderall Statistic- 40% of Teens think it's ok to abuse prescription drug

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Getting Treatment for Adderall Addiction

Withdrawing from Adderall — as well as all amphetamines — produces a range of uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Exhaustion, cravings to use Adderall, increased appetite, problems with sleep and dreams, intense anxiety and changes in mood are common — the worse the addiction, the worse the withdrawal. The good news is that getting help can make the recovery easier.

At our Southern Florida rehab facility, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and holistic path to sobriety in our small recovery center. You’ll benefit from medically managed detox, the latest in successful, proven, cutting-edge addiction treatments, and the design for living taught by the 12 Steps. You’ll also learn why substance abuse became a problem and practice the techniques you’ll need to manage cravings and avoid the triggers that often precede abuse. We have helped many people beat addiction, and we can help you, too — even if you have tried rehab before.

Don’t let another day pass while you’re caught in the trap of substance abuse. You don’t have to let an addiction to Adderall define your choices — you can beat chemical dependency, and you can start right now. Call 12 Keys Rehab today for a free and confidential consultation. Find your path to freedom, starting right now.

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