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Bromo Dragonfly Addiction

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Bromo Dragonfly Addiction

Bromo dragonfly is a psychedelic drug that is similar to LSD. Unlike LSD, the effects of bromo dragonfly last for days and have been described as hellish. It is usually sold on blotter paper, also like LSD — in fact, sometimes people who believe they are buying LSD are actually buying bromo dragonfly. What they don’t know is the adverse side effects don’t begin until several hours after the dose. In addition, taking too much bromo dragonfly can end in amputation and even death.

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Information About Bromo Dragonfly

In the late 1990s, bromo dragonfly was developed in a lab. Its chemical structure, which resembles a dragonfly, affects the serotonin receptors in the brain. Unlike LSD, which has been tested for potential therapeutic uses, bromo dragonfly is not currently in use for anything other than recreational abuse. Those who take more than a small dose are at risk for constricted blood vessels, which can lead to amputation. Overdose is also possible, and despite the newness of the drug and its reported similarity to LSD, there have been several reported deaths in the United States and Europe.

a Bromo Dragonfly trip lasts almost 24 hours

Although it can take several hours for the dose to take effect, some users feel symptoms within the hour. In addition to the high commonly associated with psychedelics, bromo dragonfly also produces hallucinations, increases energy levels, and enhances empathy toward others. The “trip” generally lasts about 12 hours, with the comedown taking another 12 hours. In addition to these effects, users also often feel less hungry and suffer from memory loss, confusion and tension.

The relative newness of the drug means little is known about the drug’s long-term effects on the body or mind. Just as with other psychedelic drugs, bromo dragonfly does not produce a physical addiction, but users may become addicted to its psychological or hallucinogenic effects.

Are You Addicted to Bromo Dragonfly?

Even though abusing bromo dragonfly does not produce physical dependence or the unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms associated with other dangerous drugs such as heroin, quitting can be even more difficult because users must address the underlying reasons they use drugs. In addition, those who have a predisposition to addiction by genetic, psychological or environmental factors may find quitting for good means addressing those issues as well.

Common signs of addiction to bromo dragonfly include:

  • Lying about how much is being used
  • Ignoring friends and loved ones or important obligations
  • Hanging out with only those who use drugs or hanging out alone because friends won’t get high
  • Problems at school or work, with money or the law
  • No longer spending time doing the things that once brought joy, such as playing a sport or an instrument
  • Feeling anxious and irritable when not using
  • Combining bromo dragonfly with another substance to get a stronger high
  • Using drugs to avoid feeling depressed or angry, or just to forget about life

If you’re experiencing one or more of the signs above, it’s time to find out more about 12 Keys Rehab.

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