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While Oxycontin is still a household name when it comes to the Opioid Epidemic in this country, silently over the past few years another drug has begun to takes its place in terms of popularity. That drug is Oxymorphone, known under the brand name Opana, and due to a decision made by the manufacturer of Oxycontin to cut down on the abuse potential for their drug, oxymorphone has become one of the most popular opioids being abused today. If you or someone you know struggle with addiction to Oxymorphone, it is crucial you seek out professional help and reach out to an Oxymorphone addiction treatment center in Florida, where you will be able to properly and effectively treat the disease of addiction. 

The thing that is most troubling about this, is that oxymorphone tends to be more powerful than Oxycontin, so even though they look similar, individuals who are used to abusing Oxycontin run an elevated risk of suffering from an overdose if they use oxymorphone.

So if you think that you may have an oxymorphone abuse issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to 12 Keys’ Oxymorphone addiction treatment center in Florida today. The current climate in this country in regards to opioids makes it incredibly dangerous to abuse these substances, as it seems like every other week there is another horror story in the news regarding a rash of overdoses that has occurred. Understand that these are powerful substances and abusing them could result in severely negative consequences or even death. So please seek help today.
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What is Oxymorphone?

Oxymorphone is a powerful schedule II opioid analgesic drug with an abuse potential that is similar to morphine and other such opioids. It is usually marketed under the name Opana. It is less well known than its opioid painkiller counterpart Oxycontin, but recently there has been an increase in the abuse of oxymorphone. The reason for this because the makers of Oxycontin have made it increasingly more difficult for individuals to abuse their drugs, and so people who use opioids recreationally have turned to Oxymorphone or other substances such as heroin.

What is an Oxymorphone Abuse Like?

It is only natural that if you are suffering from oxymorphone abuse that you feel somewhat ashamed and guilty. You may even be worried about how others perceive your addiction, and whether they think it means that you are a bad or weak person. However there is no reason for you to feel this way, as addiction, and oxymorphone abuse, are not the result of your choice or a weakness on your part, but rather is the result of suffering from an actual diagnosable illness called addiction.

Even though we have come a long way in our understanding of what addiction is, there is still a tremendous stigma surrounding it causing individuals to feel tremendous guilt over their situation, which can also, in turn, cause the continuation of addiction.

Many individuals fall into oxymorphone abuse because they have actual issues with chronic pain, or they suffered an injury that required them to take the drug for an extended period of time.  What often occurs in these scenarios is that the person using the drug becomes addicted before they are even aware of what is going on, and in turn, and in an attempt to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay, they continue on in their addiction.

Experiencing oxymorphone abuse is one of the most difficult things that an individual can face in their life. For one they are being driven by a desire to use a substance that is not only counterintuitive to their own happiness but it also stands in direct opposition to their natural desire to survive. The cycle of oxymorphone addiction does not have to continue though, professional, caring, and supportive help is available at our Oxymorphone addiction treatment center in Florida. 

People stuck in a cycle of addiction are plagued by feelings of guilt and shame, and many times they are not even aware of why they do the things they are doing. They may wake up in the morning with a strong desire to never use again, but by the middle of the day, the obsession to use kicks in and they are forced to go out and seek more of their chosen substance.

When it comes to drugs like Oxymorphone, abuse is to be expected because of how powerful the drug is, so even if an individual starts out using only recreationally, they may find themselves trapped in addiction within a short period of time. 

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Signs You Need Professional Help From An Oxymorphone Addiction Rehab Program:

  •    You have started manipulating others to get what you need.
  •    You no longer follow through on promises.
  •    You have been neglecting important responsibilities.
  •    You are experiencing unpredictable mood swings
  •    You are unable to stop using even when you want to
  •    You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using for a period of time
  •    All you can think about is using the drug
  •    You have started to steal money or items from your family or friends
  •    You have withdrawn from most social obligations you used to enjoy

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios then you may have an issue with oxymorphone abuse. Coming to this realization can be very difficult, but understand that there are people waiting to help you like our Oxymorphone addiction treatment center in Florida through your addiction and to get you on the path to recovery.

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If you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with oxymorphone and you believe that they need oxymorphone abuse treatment then call the professionals at 12 Keys’ Oxymorphone addiction treatment center in Florida today 800-338-5770

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