Scopolamine Side Effects

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Scopolamine is a drug used to treat motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. It is most commonly used after surgery, but cruise passengers, sailors, and scuba divers also use it to treat seasickness.

The drug also helps sometimes with treating spasms and conditions of the lower GI tract. It comes in tablet, injectable, and transdermal patch forms, but can be habit-forming just like any other drug. When abused, professional help from a scopolamine addiction treatment center may be needed.

Scopolamine comes from a South American tree called the borrachero, and when it’s added to a drink or blown into someone’s face, it can cause extreme intoxication. Its nickname is “devil’s breath” because it can reduce victims to a zombie-like state where free will and memory are elusive.

Scopolamine Side Effects

Scopolamine is one of the first drugs to come from a plant, and it was once used to produce twilight sleep in mothers in labor. In addition to memory loss and a zombie-like state, it is also a hallucinogen.

Many that have used scopolamine have noticed they can’t remember what happened while they were under the influence of the drug. Scopolamine doesn’t have a distinct smell or taste. People may remember feeling tired or dizzy. Because the effects caused by the drug can be so unpleasant, some refuse to take it a second time. Though it is possible to develop an addiction.

A deadly overdose is possible, and if you take too much scopolamine, you might experience heart problems, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, blurry vision or dry mouth.

If scopolamine were to be paired with other substances like central nervous system depressants such as alcohol, narcotic painkillers, buprenorphine or zolpidem — is extremely dangerous. If you are experiencing these Scopolamine side effects, it’s time to get professional help, contact 12 Keys’ scopolamine addiction treatment center in Florida today and learn how we can begin treating your addiction.

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Scopolamine and Pregnancy

Scopolamine has the ability to pass through the placenta (known as crossing the placenta) and is considered a United States pregnancy category C medication, meaning it could be a danger to the fetus. There aren’t enough studies in women and animals available to rule out harm, but existing studies haven’t necessarily shown increased risk as well.

Scopolamine may cause respiratory problems and neonatal hemorrhage when used during pregnancy. Except when used before a C-section, it should only be used during pregnancy if the benefit outweighs the risk to the fetus.

Scopolamine Side Effects on the Elderly

Adverse Scopolamine side effects are increased in the elderly compared to younger people. This is especially true for older people who are also on several other medications, as many are. It is recommended that scopolamine not be used in elderly years because of the risks involved.

Scopolamine and Crime

Scopolamine side effects can produce memory loss and sleepiness after exposure, similar to benzos or alcohol poisoning, which affects the ability of a person to fight off criminal aggression. A travel advisory published by the United States State Department was issued in 2012.

One common method that criminals use in order to rob their victims is through the use of drugs. The most common in the country of Colombia has been scopolamine. Estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents at around 50,000 in the country. The drug can render a victim unconscious for over 24 hours.

In Colombia, one in five emergency room admissions for poisoning involve scopolamine. Usually, the victim has been poisoned by a robber that gave them a scopolamine-laced drink in hopes that the victim would be rendered unconscious or unable to resist the robbery.

In big doses, it can cause respiratory failure or death. It is most often given in liquid or powder form in food and drinks. These typically occur in nightclubs and bars. Some wealthy men are targeted by young and attractive women.

To avoid becoming a victim, no one should never accept food or drinks offered by strangers or leave any of their belongings unattended. Victims that think they’ve been dosed should seek medical attention.

Aside from robberies, scopolamine is also involved in sexual assault and kidnappings. Hospitals in Barcelona implemented a special protocol to help doctors and nurses identify these cases. Hospitals in Madrid adopted a similar protocol. 

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Scopolamine Addiction

Scopolamine is well known as a powerful and dangerous drug. If you believe you are the victim of scopolamine, you should contact the police immediately. If you think you may have a scopolamine addiction, you may want to consider treatment. Like most other drugs, there is a high associated with it that makes addiction possible. If you find you’re continuing to chase the scopolamine high, it’s time to ask yourself if you may have an addiction problem.

If you’re considering whether or not you have an addiction problem with scopolamine, ask yourself:

  • Do I spend more and more time figuring out how to get the next high?
  • Do I feel uncomfortable, anxious or depressed when I’m not using drugs or alcohol?
  • Do I ignore old friends and favorite activities in favor of using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have others’ opinions about me changed for the worse?
  • Do I rely on drugs and alcohol to get to sleep?
  • Do I try to take a break from using but always wind up drunk or high again?
  • Are my relationships with family members and close friends suffering?
  • Do I feel embarrassed or ashamed about the things I do when I use drugs or alcohol?

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