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Scopolamine Addiction

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What to Know About “Scopolamine Zombie”

Scopolamine is a drug used to treat nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. It is most commonly used in postoperative settings, although scuba divers also use it to treat seasickness. Scopolamine also demonstrates clinical effectiveness in treating spasms and some conditions of the lower GI tract. Scopolamine comes in tablet, injectable and transdermal patch forms.

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Scopolamine also has a darker side. Also known as “devil’s breath,” scopolamine can reduce victims to a zombie-like state where free will and memory are elusive. Scopolamine comes from a South American tree called the borrachero, and when added to a drink or blown into the face, causes intoxication. Victims unwittingly under the influence of scopolamine have suffered sexual assault, robbery and more.

Scopolamine Side Effects

Scopolamine is one of the earliest known plant-sourced drugs, and it was once used to produce twilight sleep in mothers in labor. The borrachero is common in Colombia, where mothers instruct their children to avoid sleeping underneath the tree. In addition to memory loss and a zombie-like state, Scopolamine is also a hallucinogen. If you have used scopolamine, you have probably noticed you can’t remember what happened while you were under the influence of the drug. Scopolamine is odorless and tasteless. You may remember feeling tired or dizzy. The unpleasant effects caused by the drug make repeated abuse unusual.

Fatal overdose is possible, and in Colombia, about 20 percent of ER admissions are attributable to scopolamine. The U.S. Department of State estimates about 50,000 incidents involving scopolamine occur in Colombia every year. If you take too much scopolamine, you might experience heart problems, blurry vision or dry mouth. Combining scopolamine with other substances — especially central nervous system depressants such as alcohol, narcotic painkillers, buprenorphine or zolpidem — is extremely dangerous.

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Scopolamine Abuse

The reputation of scopolamine as a powerful and dangerous drug is well founded. If you believe you are the victim of scopolamine, you should contact the police immediately. In Colombia, for example, victims report looting their own homes and bank accounts for criminals. If you are looking for the high associated with scopolamine, it’s time to ask yourself if you have a problem with drugs.

If you’re considering taking scopolamine despite the clear risks to health and safety, ask yourself:

  • Do I spend more and more time figuring out how to get the next high?
  • Do I feel uncomfortable, anxious or depressed when I’m not using drugs or alcohol?
  • Do I ignore old friends and favorite activities in favor of using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have others’ opinions about me changed for the worse?
  • Do I rely on drugs and alcohol to get to sleep?
  • Do I try to take a break from using but always wind up drunk or high again?
  • Are my relationships with family members and close friends suffering?
  • Do I feel embarrassed or ashamed about the things I do when I use drugs or alcohol?

Quitting Scopolamine

You don’t have to live a life where substance abuse makes your choices for you. 12 Keys Rehab can help you find your path to freedom. For more information on scopolamine, call us now.

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