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Subutex Addiction

What You Need to Know About Subutex

Subutex, also known as buprenorphine, is a prescription drug used to treat individuals recovering from opioid dependence and addiction. You take Subutex by dissolving it under your tongue. It is a powerful drug that counteracts withdrawal effects of legal and illicit opioids, including heroin, morphine, Vicodin, hydrocodone and others.

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Subutex also reduces the urge to use opioids. Although Subutex has demonstrated efficacy in individuals who want to live sober lifestyles following a period of dependency or abuse, evidence also suggests that Subutex may be addictive.

There are other issues with Subutex as well. Certain preexisting conditions may prevent using Subutex at all. Taking Subutex with antihistamines, cold medicines and certain anesthetics may be dangerous. It is also unsafe for pregnant or nursing mothers, and it has not been tested on children. Combining Subutex with other central nervous system depressants is also extremely dangerous, since all of these drugs slow heart rate and breathing. Using alcohol with Subutex could be deadly.

Subutex Side Effects

Subutex can cause side effects that are similar to opioids, although the manufacturer claims it prevents the high associated with those drugs. Common physical effects include lightheadedness and dizziness, fatigue and unclear thinking.

As with all opioid drugs, Subutex causes physical dependency. Even if you are using Subutex to help you quit a substance abuse problem, do not stop using it suddenly. Subutex produces withdrawal symptoms that are similar to opioid withdrawal. If gradual reduction is not possible — or if you have tried to quit before, but you have not had any success — then you may need professional help.

One of the reasons why Subutex is growing in popularity among addicted individuals is that the drug produces calm and relaxed feelings. This may be why some addiction and law enforcement professionals suspect there is a growing addiction problem with Subutex.

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Subutex Abuse

People who abuse Subutex typically crush the tablet before snorting or swallowing it. This speeds up the anticipated reaction, but it also increases the risk of dependency.

Never take more than your prescribed dose and never combine it with alcohol or other depressant drugs. Although Subutex is not effective beyond a certain dosage, you could find that abusing this drug makes it even more difficult to quit using completely.

Am I Addicted to Subutex

If you are taking Subutex, then you may already know whether or not you have an addiction problem. Remember that denial is one of the most common characteristics of an addicted person. If you’re not sure whether or not you are addicted to Subutex, ask yourself:

  • Do I know — deep down — that my drug problem has returned?
  • Am I combining Subutex with other drugs such as Xanax, sleep aids, alcohol or painkillers?
  • Do I nod off frequently during inappropriate times?
  • Do I take more Subutex than I am supposed to?
  • Is getting more Subutex becoming increasingly more urgent?
  • Am I lying about or hiding how much I am using?
  • Am I thinking about just going back to heroin?
  • Do I get more than one prescription just in case running out becomes a problem?

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Quitting Subutex

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