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Zydone Addiction

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What You Need to Know About Zydone

Similar to Vicodin and Anexsia, Zydone is a blend of the painkillers hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is an over-the-counter painkiller more commonly known as Tylenol. It enhances the effects of hydrocodone, which is a potent opioid painkiller. Opioids are effective painkillers, but they are also highly addictive.

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Combining Zydone with another depressant such as alcohol or Xanax is extremely dangerous, and it can cause a fatal overdose. Although hydrocodone is the addictive substance, taking too much acetaminophen can poison the liver. Many people who die from hydrocodone-acetaminophen drugs such as Zydone do so because of liver toxicity.

Hydrocodone is one of the most popularly prescribed drugs in the United States. America uses more hydrocodone than any other country in the world. These are two of the reasons why prescription painkillers such as Zydone are the cause of the biggest drug epidemic ever faced in the U.S.

Zydone Side Effects

In addition to killing pain, Zydone also induces relaxation. Those who abuse it may take more than the recommended dose to get high.

Even when taken as directed, Zydone also causes many adverse side effects. These side effects most commonly include dizziness, difficulty thinking clearly, constipation, nausea, vomiting and sedation. Zydone also slows heart rate and breathing. That is why taking too much — or combining it with another substance such as alcohol — can be deadly.

All painkillers work by forcing the brain to release brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters released by Zydone induce sedation, kill pain and cause euphoria. As abuse continues, the brain learns that it can count on Zydone to release those feel-good chemicals.

Without Zydone, intense withdrawal symptoms develop and persist. Because the brain also tries to fight the influence of drugs such as Zydone, you might find taking increasingly more becomes necessary to get the same effects. That is why people who become addicted to Zydone have to take amounts that would easily kill another non-addicted person.

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Zydone Abuse

If you abuse Zydone for the sedative or euphoric effects, you have a serious health problem. Although some people can quit without help, most cannot.

If you have tried to stop using Zydone, you’ve probably noticed challenging flu-like symptoms alongside cravings, anxiety, irritability and restlessness. Do not try to take more drugs to relieve these symptoms — the risk of overdose increases during withdrawal. That is because your brain cannot tolerate the same Zydone strength it once could, even if you last used only a couple of days ago.

Zydone Addiction

Many people who become addicted to drugs once thought it could never happen to them. You may still be working and living at home with money in the bank. Nevertheless, if you can’t stop using Zydone, then you have a dependency problem. Ask yourself:

  • Do I keep using Zydone even though my pain symptoms are gone?
  • Do I use Zydone alongside another substance such as alcohol or Xanax?
  • Do I take Zydone to relax or just to get through the day?
  • Do I keep Zydone in unusual places, such as my car or at work?
  • Am I preoccupied with getting and using Zydone?
  • Do I have withdrawal symptoms and cravings when I try to quit?
  • Could I see myself using heroin if I couldn’t get more Zydone?

Do these sound familiar? If so, the time to get help is now.

Quitting Zydone

Addiction doesn’t have to be a lonely battle. We can help you get through withdrawal, figure out why you started using and help you get back on your feet. Don’t wait — call us now for more information and find your path to freedom, starting today.

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