High Life: Illegal Drugs and Conformity [Infographic]

Drugs have always been a part of our society. People are experimenting at younger and younger ages as new drugs are surfacing all the time. One question that we don’t ask enough is why? What is causing 200 million people a year to use illegal drugs?

Teenagers today are always struggling to fit in and find their place in the world. Drugs are becoming the answer for them with ease of access and social pressure playing a large role in their will to experiment. The increased pressure for young people also plays a role in drug usage with 73% of teens reported that school stress is the primary reason for drug use.

The infographic below will take a look at some of those questions and provide answers to others. Maybe, if we start answering the questions we can put a stop to illegal drug use. What are the causes of conformity?

High Life: The Causes of Conformity [Infographic]

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