How a Rehab Center Like 12 Keys Can Best Serve Its Clients

Since the inception of 12 Keys Rehab, they have striven to give its clients a plan for recovery from drug and alcohol abuse that is meaningful and fulfilling. But just what is it that 12 Keys does to achieve that goal?
The answer is actually pretty simple—compassion.

12 Keys is a rehab center that isn’t just about helping their clients to achieve sobriety, it’s about the great care they take in making sure that each and every client achieves a quality life in sobriety.

12 Keys employs a staff of 24 dedicated counselors, therapists and house technicians, including a Clinical Director and Psychiatrist, and a personal chef. Every single staff member is also a recovering addict, and because of the experiences they have been through in their own lives while actively using and then in recovery, they can empathize with what their clients are going through.

Empathy and compassion are two critical components that helps set 12 Keys apart from many other rehabilitation centers in Florida, and it’s that compassion and empathy that they use to help build their client’s trust.

Addicts by nature are untrusting souls. Throughout their lives while actively using drugs and/or alcohol, oftentimes they alienated themselves from friends and family, ending up all alone in their lives. When new in recovery, they are naturally wary of opening up to complete strangers. However, once they have met with their counselors/therapists at 12 Keys, and they come to realize that they too have walked in their shoes and can identify with their thoughts and feelings, that trust starts to build, and they become willing to be honest about their pasts and their actions and behavior.

As a rehab center, 12 Keys has the ability to reach their clients because of their own experiences, and combined with their training in addiction treatment, they are able to best serve their clients with a level of qualified addiction treatment experience and the compassion and empathy that helps gain the trust of their clients.

12 Keys Rehab is a rehab center where clients can absolutely feel confident knowing that their thoughts and feelings are not unique, and that they too can gain a quality of life that is meaningful, much like that of the dedicated staff at 12 Keys.

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