How Does the 12 Keys Difference Help in My Alcohol Rehabilitation Program?

Alcohol rehabilitation has been attempted in various forms for many years now, often with varying degrees of success. In recent years, even more alcohol treatment programs have been introduced, and many alcohol treatment programs in Florida have adopted some of the newer treatment options as a part of their addiction treatment program.

At 12 Keys Rehab, the 12 Keys Difference has been adopted, which includes a comprehensive treatment options that blend in time-tested treatment programs as well.

The 12 Keys Difference is all about five simple components—Real Recovery, Non-Hospital Setting, Practical Approach, Personalized Attention and Outside Fun.

For 12 Keys, real recovery is about making sure that each client is completely engaged in their recovery through a comprehensive suite of alcohol rehabilitation programs designed to give them the tools and resources needed for long-term sobriety.

A non-hospital setting means that each client can recover in a peaceful, serene setting along the water on the east coast of Florida, in a safe environment where no client feels locked down, and each client has access to cell phones and laptop computers.

A practical approach is about giving each client all of the tools and resources in its alcohol rehabilitation program that are needed for a fulfilling life in sobriety without restrictions. Through group counseling, peer-to-peer groups, a variety of extracurricular activities and daily attendance at AA meetings, each client can experience how good a life in sobriety can be while in recovery.

Personalized attention is all about making the sure the needs of each client are attended to at all times. With a staff of 24 dedicated counselors, therapists and technicians, and a census of approximately 25 clients, the needs of every client is attended to around the clock.

Outdoor fun is about seeing that every client can start to experience the joy in life while in recovery. With its subtropical setting, 12 Keys offers a wide variety of outside activities that clients can participate in. Through these activities, clients can have fun while learning that a life in recovery isn’t just about struggling to stay away from alcohol addiction.

These five components make up the 12 Keys Difference, and for 12 Keys Rehab, separates them from many other rehabilitation centers in Florida.

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