How to Rehab a Meth House [Motion Graphic]

meth houseEven though a home might look clean as a whistle, if the previous occupants used the premises to cook crystal meth – or even to smoke it – there’s a good chance the house is still unfit to live in.

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Since cooking meth at home requires little hardware and can easily be concealed, it is one of America’s biggest epidemics. With so many houses, condos and apartments that could have been used to cook meth whether it was a onetime experiment by a teen or a full production meth lab, it’s imperative to do all you can to make sure a home is safe before making the decision to move in.

When meth is cooked or consumed in a home, dangerous chemicals are released into the air. They saturate walls, ceilings, floors and carpets. Though that contamination can’t be seen by the human eye, exposure to meth byproducts can result in serious injuries to your nervous system.

To learn what to check to see if a home is a former meth lab, watch our video below:

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Can a former meth house be renovated to be safe to live in?

If your home is a former meth lab, you might be facing significant expenses to decontaminate the property – somewhere in the $3,000 to $25,000 range. You can easily test for meth in your home by using a reliable DIY meth test kit.

If you’ve discovered your home is a former meth lab, talk with a home inspector that specializes in meth decontamination right away. You will also want to get a quote for worst case hazmat cleanup.

Rehabbing a meth house

There are two ways to rehab a former meth house. The first and most comprehensive would be to gut the inside: tear down plaster walls, doors, windows, insulation and wiring. The second is hire a licensed professional meth cleanup group. The professionals will have to clean out the air ducts, peel off the paint, and scrub every single surface with a cleaning solution.

After the cleaning, test every room, including the garage, for meth to confirm it was cleaned up properly.

Make sure to consult your local police department and to look up any state regulations on how to clean a meth house.

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