Importance of Personalized Treatment

12 Keys Rehab understands that personalized addiction treatment is essential to supporting a client’s successful recovery. That’s why we provide more one-on-one counseling than most other drug rehab centers and have low client-to-therapist ratios. Because numerous biopsychosocial factors contribute to the development of a substance addiction, a standardized form of treatment cannot and should not be used.

When we personalize a treatment plan for each client, we always incorporate the following principles:

  • Addiction is not a choice but a disease negatively impacting brain chemistry and functioning.
  • Mental, emotional and physical needs of each client must be addressed individually.
  • Treating co-occurring mental disorders is an important part of each personalized addiction treatment plan.
  • Clients should be offered multiple therapy options conducive to their recovery.
  • Using detoxification and anti-addiction medication as initial, but not the only, parts of the recovery process.
  • Evaluating each client’s treatment plan regularly to accommodate the changing needs of the client.

Everyone's addiction is unique and everyone's journey to recovery is too.

Individualization of a treatment plan is key to a successfull recovery. 12 Keys Rehab employs multidisciplinary treatment teams capable of providing in-depth assessments and treatments for addressing a broad array of addiction and mental/behavioral health problems. In addition to primary addiction counselors, we also have trauma and mental health specialists to augment the primary counselor’s treatment of each client.

We also assess our clients in various situations so we receive comprehensive information about how a client reacts to different situations and environments. During evaluation, we find out what each client sees as barriers to his or her recovery so we can focus more on client expectations and goals. Family feedback is also important to help us gain further understanding of what should be included in a client’s personalized addiction treatment plan.

Pharmacological, spiritual, mental health, trauma, family dynamics, biofeedback, EMDR and experiential therapy are just some of the interventions we prescribe for clients who are then assigned to different specialists. Individually indicated recovery methods run concurrently with individual, small group and issue-oriented counseling.

Demonstrating Life in Recovery

12 Keys Rehab staff members are supportive recovering addicts and alcoholics who not only teach and counsel but also demonstrate a life in recovery. In fact, many of our staff members are recovering addicts who wanted to make a difference after they embraced the gift of sobriety.

Many recovering addicts decide to become counselors after defeating a substance abuse problem. With first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to suffer addiction and complete a recovery program, counselors who used to be users become qualified addiction counselors by accumulating a certain number of hours working as a counselor, coupled with accredited classroom instruction provided by rehabilitation facilities or community colleges.

Addicts-turned-counselors excel in their work because they know how addicts think, act and feel. Recovering counselors empathize with their clients while offering the kind of “tough love” necessary to help more difficult clients understand they have a substance abuse problem and need professional, ongoing help. Even after suffering homelessness, incarceration and ostracization by family and friends, some addicts may hesitate to acknowledge their addiction.

12 Keys Rehab’s personalized addiction treatment programs are supported by cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and holistic services and have been proven to successfully assist addicts in completing their recovery and going on to enjoy sober, meaningful lives.

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