Life After Rehab & Getting a Sponsor

There is no doubt that, for many addicts, facing their addictions head-on at a rehabilitation facility can be a difficult process. But what loved ones often do not plan for — are the even more difficult days following an addict’s time at a recovery center. The truth is, the first few weeks after rehab can be even worse worse for the struggling addict. They leave the facility facing shattered relationships, uncertain futures, and many times unemployment or even no place to call home. What’s worse — they face these terrifying issues with less support than they had at the facility.

The first few weeks after treatment are critical to preventing a relapse— and there are several things an addict can do to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Get a sponsor. You could join Alcoholics Anonymous or another twelve-step group or ask a trusted friend.. Experts say having someone to call when you’re overwhelmed is a time-tested part of successful recovery.

Seth Meyers, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist with the L.A. County Department of Mental Health says he’s seen thousands of addiction patients over the years, and has come up with a simple acronym to remember. HALT – H (Hungry), A (Angry), L (Lonely), T (Tired). He says research tell us that you’re more likely to relapse if you experience any of those strong feelings. That’s why he says it so important get your rest, eat well, surround yourself with positive people, and express your anger in the right places: your journal, therapy, or artistic outlets.

Have fun. It is ok to find things you enjoy that your addiction never allowed you to do. Find new hobbies and drug free activities that make you happy. Most likely it will include new friends, as it is also just as important to steer clear of those who may steer you back to drug-related lifestyle.

The caring counselors at 12 Keys Rehab will help you formulate a positive plan for dealing with the challenges of post-rehab life, and are always available to help you through your most challenging moments. If you are struggling with addiction, call today and begin to plan for your new life — after addiction.

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