How Our Holistic Treatment Program Can Help You

In years past, substance abuse treatment could often be mistaken for a scene from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Society just didn’t fully comprehend what addiction was or how unique the treatment approach could be. Luckily, the present treatment model has adapted and evolved into something beautiful that can provide each individual with their own opportunity to heal, grow, and recover.

That is why at 12 Keys, we find it so vital to providing a multifaceted approach in the treatment of substance abuse and mental health. Our holistic treatment program was designed to incorporate a whole, mind, body, spirit healing modality because each person has a unique story, and we aim to provide each story with an individualized approach towards healing.

About 12 Keys

In order for our Holistic treatment program to thrive, we believe in a fresh start, in a beautiful location, that removes the everyday stress for all individuals who walk through the door. The journey begins in a tropical setting, with board-certified addiction professionals already learning and preparing for your process.

The grounds offer a knowledgeable and compassionate staff to help you acclimate to your new 10 acres of oceanfront environment, and give you comfort in knowing that you will be safe and supported throughout your journey.

Healing the Body

Addiction can often be a crippling disease for people. Throughout the process of addiction, many people lose interest in hobbies and activities they once loved, and have a difficult time finding freedom in being themselves.

This is why the holistic treatment program offers individuals the opportunity to heal their bodies through a healthy and well-balanced diet, and to get back on their feet through the dozens of outdoor activities that the facility has to offer, such as:

  • Yoga
  • A personal trainer
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Fishing
  • Meditation
  • Swimming
  • Horseback Riding

Many people who attend our holistic treatment program find that these activities are often the motivation they crave to continue working through the challenging and draining psychological counseling in the program.

woman meditating by the sea

Healing the Mind

Every person’s story is different, and each person was lead to drugs through a series of unresolved emotional or traumatic events in their lives. This is often why many people relate to addiction and mental healing to an onion, continuously peeling back new layers of pain as we work through the process.

To ensure that each individual receives the deepest and most effective level of psychiatric care, 12 Keys provides continuous assessment, individual counseling, and an evolving therapeutic plan that is completely individualized to suit you or your loved one.

Our holistic treatment program utilizes many different proven modalities of addiction and mental health counseling such as:

  • EMDR (in the resolution of trauma)
  • Biofeedback
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Addiction education for the individual and for families
  • Dual diagnosis counseling

Again, addiction and mental disorders are often multifaceted diseases, that require a unique approach to healing. Using multiple modalities and forms of therapy are often the most effective way to intervene in addiction, and to heal the past in order to protect the future of you or your loved one.

Healing the Spirit

12 step recovery programs define addiction as a “Spiritual Malady” – which translates into a spiritual sickness. One of the most pervasive characteristics among addicts is that their addiction becomes the most important thing in their lives, and eventually becomes their own form of survival, rather than relaxation or celebration.

The 12 steps are designed to help a person, whether they truly believe it will help or not, to rid themselves of their guilt, shame, and fears, and become “other-centered”, rather than self-centered.

This is the general idea behind “spirituality” and is a major turning point for many addicts in recovery. This is why so many members of the staff at 12 Keys are addicts who are in recovery because they believe that giving back is their calling, and it also gives them a unique ability to be able to relate to, and offer experience and hope for those individuals who are newly recovering.

These aspects of healing the spirit through our holistic treatment program come from:

  • Exposure to the 12 steps
  • Finding Community with others
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Learning compassion and courage through group counseling and activities
  • Working through setbacks of the past and healing from them
  • Experiencing beauty in a relaxing and tranquil environment
  • Learning to live a balanced and healthy life

Start Your Journey

Making the decision to attend substance abuse or mental health treatment can be a time filled with anxiety, doubt, frustration, and confusion, but 12 Keys aims to relieve all of the worries, as soon as the individual walks through the door.

That doesn’t mean that our holistic therapy program is all play and no work, as we expect our individuals to get involved, and be ready to work on themselves to improve their life! We will work day in and day out to ensure the individual that they are worth putting in work on themselves as well!

Addiction is one of the loneliest diseases on the planet, but your life doesn’t have to be lonely anymore. At 12 Keys you will find a community of people working towards their growth, their independence, their serenity, and their lives! Join us on your journey towards your new life, and let us guide you in a relaxing, rejuvenation, supportive, and compassionate environment towards a healthier, happier, you!

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