Percentage of Smokers in Different Countries [Maps]

People all over the world smoke cigarettes. But how do the smoking rates of each country measure up to one another? Below are some maps that help visualize the data.

U.S. Percentage of Smokers Per State

Percentage of Smokers Per State [Map]

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 42.1 million Americans smoke cigarettes. As the map below shows, the population percentage of smokers in each state varies quite a bit. Percentages range from 12% of state residents smoking, to 28% of resident populations smoking.

Furthermore, while data suggest that smoking as a whole has decreased in recent years, smoking is still a widespread hobby throughout the United States.

Utah and California had some of the lowest smoking rates when 2012 data was analyzed, while West Virginia and Kentucky had some of the highest.

Our home state of Florida sits exactly in the middle of the lowest and highest state percentages of smokers, with 20% of Florida state residents smoking. Other states that fall in the exact middle of the spectrum include Virginia, Illinois, and Oregon.

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Next we’ll take a look at the percentage of smokers in each Canadian province.

Canada Smoking Rates by Province

smoking rates in Canada by province map

For the most part, Canada and the U.S. are tied in terms of the countries’ national smoking rates. Both countries hovered in the 19% range in 2011, which is a few percentage points lower than the global smoking rate of 22%.

What’s most noticeable about Canadian smoking habits is that the population of one Canadian territory has a smoking rate much higher than the others: Nunavut. Close to 60% of Nunavut residents are smokers, and approximately 8 out of every 10 pregnant women smokes.

On the other hand, British Columbia has the lowest smoking rate in Canada, with only a little over 15% of the province’s population smoking.

No Canadian province hit the lowest U.S. smoking rate, which was only 12% in Utah for 2012. But, then again, most American states have smoking rates higher than Utah’s also.

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