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Discover the Nurturing Accommodations and Natural Surroundings of 12 Keys Rehab

Clients who desire a lifelong recovery will find the accommodations and grounds of the 12 Keys Rehab relaxing, enjoyable and nurturing. Search our photo gallery and picture yourself or a loved one learning to live a sober, productive and fun life at our incredible Florida treatment center. Call us today at to get help now.


A 10-Acre Waterfront, Plantation-Style Treatment Center

The 12 Keys Rehab property, located on the east coast in sub-tropical Florida, features a comfortably appointed main house with private and semi-private rooms, and private showers and baths. Accommodations also include private and semi-private cottages, a comfortable and relaxed patio area, screened-in balconies and close proximity to the ocean beach.

Stroll the lush 12 Keys grounds and imagine a new life filled with fulfilling people, activities and work. Swim laps in our large swimming pool surrounded by swaying palm trees. Sit on our dock or relax in a hammock. The 12 Keys Rehab’s every room, view and activity is designed to produce healing relaxation and a safe enjoyment of life.

Chef-Prepared Meals from the Gourmet Kitchen

The 12 Keys Rehab also provides chef-prepared meals for our clients’ enjoyment. Produced in our grand gourmet kitchen, clients can savor every bite outdoors, at the community kitchen table or in our dining room. And because we only accept a limited number of clients at a time, crowding is never a worry. In this way our counselors and specialists assure each and every client a completely individual, customized approach to real recovery.

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Make Yourself at Home Away from Home

Unlike hospital-style clinics that treat patients in a strict clinical setting, 12 Keys believes the path to real recovery means learning how to deal with outside-world people and situations effectively. That is why we allow our clients to have access to their cell phones and laptop computers. They can converse with business associates, family members and fellow clients of the opposite gender with ease. And because we understand sobriety doesn’t have to be boring, we offer activities such as golfing, fishing, horseback riding, bowling, volleyball and walking the soft sands of our incredible ocean beaches.

Contact 12 Keys Rehab and discover how you or your loved one can learn to lead a sober, productive and fun lifestyle.

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